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RMR IK-123 Animas Inflatable Kayak

RMR IK-123 Animas Inflatable Kayak
Price: $899.00
Manufacturer: RMR rafts
Shipping Weight: 45.00 lbs


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The Rocky Mountain Rafts RMR IK-123 Solo Animas represents one of the very best values available in a solo downriver model. There is also a tandem version.

The Animas is just an inch under 11' long, 38" wide, and the tubes are 11.5". These taper to 8" at the bow, and the underside has 9" of rocker. Inside width is 15" or a smidge more. The weight is a very reasonable 37.5 pounds with thighstraps - quite good considering the beefiness of the pvc used and the fact that the gray floor wraps up to about the 4:00 / 8:00 position on the side tubes. Note that this 37 pound figure is fully five pounds less than what RMR gives on their site.

Two nice features here are the factory thighstraps, which almost every whitewater boater wants these days, and a large thwart backrest. This thwart provides the support you need in more difficult rapids, and is fully adjustable. It's held in with four camstraps that are affixed to the side of the tapered thwart. The taper is at a rearward angle rather than a downward angle as it should probably be, but that doesn't cause any issues. There are also rubber lift handles at the bow & stern. These handles seem like they may have the unintentional double duty of being bumpers, which is okay with us.

The material is mostly 2000 denier base fabric, providing a near-unrippable hull, and like all Rocky Mountain boats it is fully welded except for the RMR logo & floor wrap-up. The colors that we have for now are blue with a gray floor (not solid blue as shown) or yellow & gray, though we will try to also carry the red's in the near future. We will not be stocking the bland looking solid grays, and probably not the green unless we start getting calls for it.

The Warranty is five years like all RMR products.

The weight capacity is around 275 pounds though there is some water around your tushy at that level. The main tube valves are at opposing ends much like with AIRE's Superlynx model, and that's because the boat is split in a front half and a back half air chamber-wise. As with the SuperLynx, the Animas side tubes are constructed more like a two chamber raft, which allows a higher volume at the front to prevent submerging in big holes, and it simply gives better integrity to the hull shape even if the floor is not inlfated.

There are ten D-ring patches total. Four of these are double-D's that are intended to be used for the thighstraps, though really short or really tall folks may find them to be slightly out of ideal position. Four of the "normal" D-rings are behind the seat and so provide a good place for camp gear tie-down. The final two D's are near the bow. The Animas comes with a wrapper that functions as a boat bag; a smaller version of what Rocky Mountain gives with their rafts.

The stiffness and smooth continuous curve bow and stern is closely lined up with the hull shape of an excellent older New Zealand I.K. that we started working on with RMR last year, and though we have not yet gotten this version on the river the shape and very high stiffness of the hull should provide for pretty good handling. There is room for improvement on some of the attachments, but the lone thing that we would criticize would be the floor design, which ends up making for very wide, high grooves on the underside, thus taking away somewhat from the displacement..

Specifications for Rocky Mountain Rafts RMR IK-123 Animas Whitewater Inflatable Kayak

  • Raft Model - IK-123
  • Length - 10'11"
  • Width - 38"
  • Tube Diameter - 11.5"
  • Number of Chambers * Thwarts * Floor - 2 * 1 * 1
  • Number of D-Rings - 10 Stainless Steel (inside)
  • Carry Handles - 2 rubberized
  • Thigh straps - 1 pair
  • Material - 2000-denier RockShield™ PVC (professional-grade quality)
  • Material Weight in ounces per square yard - 44
  • Valves - Four Leafield C-7
  • Colors - Blue or Yellow
  • Construction - Welded I-beams, baffles and seams, triple-fused with welded seam tape inside and out (eliminates the need for glue... and its problems). The best seam technology in the industry--durable, consistent, reliable.
  • Warranty - 5-year retail warranty on workmanship and materials. 3-year Commercial warranty

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    By the way, in case any of you are looking for AIRE's kayak thighstraps, we are no longer stocking them but they can be ordered easily enough (they run three extra days for delivery); just give us a call. They and the NRS straps are both made in China, both cost the same as our U.S.-made Boat People straps, and both are more complicated to attach/detach, so we don't feel either of them are the best value anymore compared to ours.

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    Reviews on this vest are rather mixed. Some outfitters seem to love them; others like one of our local friends who is still in the raft rental biz are a bit underwhelmed with how well it snugs down, as are we. There is no question that a Big Water will pull up more easily than the MTI Canyon model, even with some serious cinching of the lowest strap, but the Big Water does stay down better than the Safegard Kivva. The materials throughout are very good though, and there are not many contenders for those with chests above 51". The Big Water also has adjustable shoulders, which can be found on the Big Buoy & Kivva but not many other type 5's. These run $125.

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