Innova Helios I EX Solo Inflatable Kayak, partly decked

Helios I EX Solo Inflatable Kayak, partly decked
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Manufacturer: Innova
Shipping Weight: 32.00 lbs


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This model and its tandem version were phased out by the factory after about 40 years in production. The closest equivalent now is the Swing Solo (found in this section), which is fully decked rather than partially like the Helios. For the intended use of the Helios series, which was mainly open and / or cold water paddling, the Swing I fills the niche pretty well and a tracking fin is standard. Hull speed for the solo Swing is about the same as the older ten foot Helios solo. If speed is important for you, the longer & narrower high performance Swing EX solo (found elsewhere in this section) is much faster than either the Swing solo or tandem.

Although some people may not like entering through cockpit openings, those on the Swings are about as wide as the interior of the Helios, and the sideways stability of the Swing I and Swing II are better, i.e. it is easier to step into a Swing from a dock. That’s because the factory uses one single side tube rather than a more tippy stacked double tube like the Helios series had. If you have any other questions about the Swings or the discontinued Helios kayaks, let us know.

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