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Aluminum Drybox 26" long X 13 X 15" for Puma series rafts

Aluminum Drybox 26" long X 13 X 15"  for Puma series rafts
Price: $409.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 50.00 lbs


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The "mini" Superpuma size 26" wide Aluminum Drybox is a special order item with lead times of roughly four weeks. The foam shown on the lid is optional and runs an extra $80. Whether or not you want the foam, it is best to call your order in if you want the mini Drybox.

These boxes are from Cambridge Welding and are shoebox style lids. This means if they are in a raft that flips, they can and do leak. Beyond this the quality is very good, and they will not leak under any other situation. Accessory discounts are not available on dryboxes, sorry. Please read the introduction to the drybox & rowing frame sections for more information.

The size is for owners of narrow Puma-type rafts, because the next smallest size that has traditionally been available was 36" wide - too big for these boats. The Mini measures 13" X 15.5" X 26" wide. Please note that the photo shows a 36" long box, not the 26" long model.

All seven sizes of dryboxes are 15.5" deep. Please note that regardless of their modest weight, UPS charges for "dimensional weight", i.e. every 138 cubic inches is billed as one pound. This means this particular drybox bills at the 55 pound rate. This is UPS' rule, not ours.

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