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Cypher Extra Large Screw Gate Carabiner

Cypher HMS Helios Carabiner
Price: $15.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs


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This new aluminum carabiner is for those who need a larger locking gate unit for situations where multiple ropes or other biner's need a common attachment point. It measures 4-3/8" long by 3" at the wide end, and is made with extra beefy 1.2cm stock. It's rated at 25kn, though we believe this rating is pretty conservative compared to other carabiners made of the smaller 1cm stock. Your working load and breaking strength should be at least 10% above the better standard biners, and is a full 20% higher than a lot of what boaters commonly use. Bronze anodizing on the main body, green on the gate. $15 each.

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