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The AIRE Sabertooth 12 Frameless Cataraft takes no-frame and it's 12 feet 5 inches long. This paddle boat AIRE introduced in late 2013. The main tube diameter is 20.5”, and the bow & stern rise is about 8”. The Sabertooth cataraft is not as radically rockered as the wire frame in the 2014 AIRE catalog indicates. There are four lift handles, and the width is 5’6” like the AIRE Puma. The exact weight capacity is hard to carve in stone since it depends how much draft you are willing to have, but 600 pounds is probably a good upper number, and 550 would be better. Base fabric is 1670 denier like all AIRE rafts & cats, and the warranty is a full ten years. AIRE gives the weight at 80 pounds; our scale says about 83. Call it 81-1/2 ! AIRE Sabertooth Frameless Cataraft 12

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