Hyside Paddlecat Neo Cataraft

Hyside Paddlecat Neo Cataraft
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Price: $2,059.00
Manufacturer: Hyside
Shipping Weight: 61.00 lbs




The Hyside Paddlecat Neo Cataraft is well worth looking at for several reasons. For one thing, this seems to be a type of craft that often gets packed in long distances to non-road-accessible put in's. And the AIRE Sabertooth, fine product that it is, is not only heavy but also difficult to roll/fold up into anything resembling a small bundle. At around 50 pounds, the Hyside Paddlecat Neo is not only way lighter, but also far smaller in folded size. Maybe not quite as small as the original Airtight Shredder, from which all these others are knocked off, but still compact.

One issue some people have with the Shredders, and that we had with a Riken Shredder copy in our rental fleet long ago, had to do with hanging up on rocks. Small cats of any type tend to draft deeper than even the narrowest comparable rafts, and therefore you catch more subsurface obstacles. The Riken copy was particularly sticky, but Hyside wisely coats their Paddlecat tube bottoms with urethane. This is the most slippery material that can be used on an inflatable. It also has great abrasion resistance when you are running long sliding drops over granite or limestone ledges.

Great Price - Hyside Paddlecat Neo Cataraft

The price is great on the Hyside too, and the heavy base fabric Neoprene has a lifespan close to that of hypalon. The Paddlecat is black, so you'll need to pay attention when it's parked in the sun. Hyside also has a hypalon version of the PaddleCat for $2,295; call us for details.

The Hyside Paddlecat Neo Cataraft. has two D-rings per side, two main chambers plus the two thwart cross braces, heavy duty end cones for rock confrontations, a front splash deck, new, larger, improved bail holes, and two factory foot cones. You can add others of course should you wish. It is a bit over 12' in length and 4'11" wide. The tube diameter is 20.5", which is roughly the same as the AIRE Sabertooth. Hyside shows the straight section of the tube at only about six feet, but these tubes are very flat on top - only about 2" of rise. At least on the ones we've seen. The inside width is a foot and a half. While there are no lift handles, the narrow beam and low weight make this almost as easy to shoulder as one of the heavier tandem inflatable kayaks.

If you own one, let us know your impressions. We don't keep these on the shelf, so it's best to check availability before going to our shopping cart. Allow 2 or 3 extra days.

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