Maxxon P-16 Sixteen Foot Cataraft tubes

Maxxon P-16 Sixteen Foot Cataraft tubes
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This 22" diameter version was not really selling well so Maxxon discontinued it this year. They are only making the 25" diameter sixteens now, which is what most people want anyway. And there was only a $40 difference between the two models. The original description for the 22" size follows, but see the write-up for the 16' Fatty Maxxon cat tubes too.

Maxxon tubes are assembled with glue, rather than being welded. We try to educate people up front about the pitfalls associated with glued pvc inflatables, but few other retailers bother because they just want to make a sale. There is more about this subject in the F.A.Q. section of our site, and down below. Thankfully these do have warranty coverage of five years, and Maxxon has been around longer than almost any other purveyor of glued pvc inflatables, so that's certainly a positive.

The supplier Maxxon has used since late 2006 is making the tubes a bit nicer in that they got away from circumference seams on the ends. This made the tubes more continuously rockered like an AIRE, and more attractive too. Maxxon tubes are built with bomber 2200 denier polyester base fabric, which is twice as heavy as the base fabric used in Maxxon's zodiac style boats. All sizes between 10' and 16' have two chambers per tube. Some of you may recall there used to be an 18' pontoon in Maxxon's line, or at least on their price list. This was a bit like the Tasmanian tiger, alleged to have been seen, but never photographed or actually captured. In all the years we've sold Maxxon cat's we never had a single set of 18's, and they don't even show them on their product list anymore. Sorry, but if you need an 18' tube, you'll have to pony up for an AIRE Leopard or Lion 18.

Maxxon uses a chafe patch on the bottom of their tubes like the rowing frame chafer on top. 12', 14', and 16' sizes have four heavy duty D-rings on each side of each tube, sixteen total for a pair. All sizes use a molded urethane end cone for those bumper-car sessions with river rocks.

Despite the problems associated with glue-assembled pvc, we should also say that the Maxxon tubes we've sold have been overwhelmingly trouble free, and the owners seem pleased with the product and lifespan so far. Many boaters feel if these last ten or twelve years, they will have gotten their investment back. Often Maxxons will go fourteen years or even longer in really cool climates.

Maxxon's "standard" P16's are, or course, 16' long give or take an inch, and 22.5" in diameter. Note we also carry these in a Fatty version with a 25" diameter if you need more capacity. A pair of the standard 16's weigh 82 pounds. Lately we seem to be getting mostly grey tubes because Maxxon doesn't always have blues, but let us know your color preference and we will see what we can do. Red is sometimes do-able in the sixteens as well.

Free shipping is via UPS ground to the lower 48 states only; if you are in Alaska these are available in Anchorage and if you are in Hawaii... well, you should be looking at our kayak pages! Please note that our shopping cart will show a UPS charge, but this only authorizes your credit card. When we capture the funds we will remove the UPS fee. you are also welcome to phone in your order.

Free shipping to the lower 48 States.

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