MAXXON Mini Backpack Drybag, 1 cubic foot

MAXXON Mini Backpack Drybag, 1 cubic foot
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Price: $49.00
Manufacturer: Maxxon
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs



We now have the nice little Maxxon BackPack Drybags in stock again. Maxxon has a new supplier for these, though the design is the same as it has always been. There are very soft, breathable padded shoulder straps, a chest & waist harness strap (see more about this waist strap down below), two map/water bottle pockets, a lift handle, and the top opening has webbing stitched across both sides to make it easy to roll down and seal without crinkles. It also has a bungie harness on the front where you could keep something small like a jacket.

This dry bag is taller and skinnier than our photo would indicate. Front to back it is about 6.5”, the width is 11.5”, and the maximum sealed height is about two feet. Maxxon claims this is 40 liters, or 1.4 cubic feet, which it probably is when open. However, folded & sealed it is closer to one cubic foot or 28 liters.

Though not huge in volume, the comfy contoured shoulder straps and other features are details you would expect on much more expensive drybags. The Maxxon Backpack is built with a moderate weight 500 denier pvc but it seems reasonably strong considering a one cubic foot bag cannot hold huge amounts of weight.

There is a picture on the packaging that comes with this bag showing the two halves of the waist strap actually clipped to the top roll-down closure buckles – like the two side straps of a large 3.8 Riverpack or Bill’s Bag. Depending how full the bag is and how tightly the closure is folded, this may work. But you can also treat this as a standard lock-top bag like our See-Thru Ricksacks, where the top female fastex buckle bends around to meet the male one. Then the bottom strap can be used alone as a waist harness to keep the bag close to your body, as we mentioned in the first paragraph above.

Looking at this bag you would assume it would cost more like $75. At only $49 it's a heck of a good value. The new bright red color runs up the outward facing side, and the rest of it - bottom, sides, and the portion against your back - are all black. This bag weighs about 1-1/2 pounds.

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