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GSI Lexan Drybox

GSI Lexan Drybox
Price: $40.00
Manufacturer: GSI Outdoors
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs


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Our photo shows the XL size GSI box in ruby red but the ones we've got in lately have been mostly the clear/light green color. The XL measures 5-1/8" tall inside, by 7-1/2" deep, by just under 10-1/2" wide. This is the only size that has a handle.

These have a reversible gasket in case the seal gets suspect, and all Lexan dryboxes feature 1" slots for camstrap tie down. They also stack easily. This is the only size out of the four that also has a handle. Though not quite as drop-kick worthy as Pelican dryboxes, these are still pretty tough, and having see-through material allows people who use multiple Lexan boxes to know what's inside without opening each one. The 1" strap slots on the two sides allow you to tie these into your boat without having the cam strap go over the top of the lid. This means you can open them without unstrapping the box. Just don't over-tighten the cam strap or it can distort the sides of the box outward.

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