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GSI Lexan Transparent Drybox XS

GSI Lexan Transparent Drybox small
Price: $15.00
Manufacturer: GSI Outdoors
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs


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Extra small size. A popular and economical alternative to Pelican boxes are the GSI Lexan Dry Boxes, which come in several handy sizes. These do not have handles like Pelican's larger boxes (except for the XL size), but they do have two slots for running a 1" camlock strap through - very handy indeed. Don't over-tighten the strap if you secure the Lexan Box this way because it can break the seal. If you need more than one box these are great because you don't have to open them to see what's inside, and Lexan Boxes have a very thick, pudgy, reversible o-ring seal so they are perfectly watertight.

The X-S size is $15 and measures 1.8" X 4" X 5.5" on the interior.

We carry this size in the ruby-purple color shown if we can get it. The XS is an excellent size for those who only want their cars keys, cell phone, or point & shoot camera to be safe - though if you do put a camera inside some foam padding might be a good idea. This size can also work well for minimalist first aid kits. GSI also makes a regular Small size and the other three we carry are Medium, Large, and XL.

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