AIRE Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold
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Price: $65.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs



AIRE's Mesh Cargo Hold looks exactly like their waterproof version from a side view, but it has mesh on top and the pvc portion is yellow, not the gray shown. These run $65 and strap down to the AIRE kayak's cargo loops, giving you a zippered "trunk". With the mesh on top, these are obviously not waterproof so the type of things you stow in them include tiny drybags or dryboxes, water bottles, small cylinder pumps, throwbags & rescue gear, four piece spare kayak paddles, first aid supplies, soft drinks, Captain Morgan's, or tupperwared sandwiches. This unit measures 30" long and is about a foot square at the wide end, tapering to about 7" X 8" at the end that would go toward the bow or stern.

Most people with solo AIRE kayaks put these behind the seat, but there is no rule about that. Many people with models like the SuperLynx will put them up at the bow. Once in place, you can just leave them there semi-permanently if you wish. These are a very handy item and starting with the older versions we have been selling them a long time now. We have never had a single customer unhappy with one, and in fact those that we've heard back from use the dickens out of their Cargo Holds and universally love them.

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