AIRE Waterproof Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold

AIRE Waterproof Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold
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Price: $169.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs



The Waterproof IK Cargo Hold from AIRE was discontinued this year (which we just noticed in the 2020 catalog) though we still have a few left. This bag is expensive due to the use of a drysuit zipper. It doesn't hold as much as a larger roll-top drybag - certainly it would be too tight for most people's entire camp gear & clothes. How long the zipper on this bag lasts depends on how well you take care of it. You need to clean it every time you come back from a salt water trip, or if it gets silt along the zipper even on fresh water. Keep the teeth of the zipper clean with an old toothbrush or a blast from your garden hose, and use some chapstick on it only if it's getting snaggy and hard to open. Chapstick attracts grit so it's only a last resort.

The idea of this cargo hold and the advantage of it over a regular drybag, is that you can leave it strapped down in your inflatable and access your gear via the zipper, instead of taking a regular drybag out of the boat and re-rigging it each time. It attaches to the cargo tie-down loops of any AIRE kayak, but there is a simple way to rig it in any IK with bail holes along the floor edge. Call us and we will be happy to explain. These come in grey only.

Before buying one of these, we would strongly suggest looking at the drysuit zipper-equipped Ortlieb's on our Drybag page. They come in several sizes, and even if they are slightly harder to secure into an inflatable, the quality of them is truly unmatched by any other drybag product in the world.

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