Boat People Inflatable Kayak Backsaver Seat

Boat People Inflatable Kayak Backsaver Seat
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Price: $64.00
Manufacturer: Boat People
Shipping Weight: 7.00 lbs



Many inflatable kayaks have backrests that leave much to be desired. If you have an IK that uses a thwart or "pillow' style backrest, a Boat People Inflatable Kayak Backsaver Seat (made in the USA) may improve your paddling comfort. Made of heavy cordura with a large rear pocket, and padded throughout with 3/8" closed cell foam, they come in teal or purple. Back Savers can be leaned against & secured to the existing thwart or pillow, or possibly be substituted for whatever is in the boat. They do require two D-rings forward of the backrest for the snap clips (which are on the right, but hard to make out in the photo above), or something like hoopi lacing, to connect to. These snap clips are at the ends of the kidney straps, which wrap the sides of the Back Saver around you. There is also a large pair of rear straps not visible in the picture that will pull it tight to your thwart. These not only hold it in a firm upright position, but also prevent the Back Saver from moving forward.

There are some boats that won't work well with Backsavers, like Innova Helios', Sunnys', and Safaris; most Sea Eagles & Sevylors (since these brands have nothing to run the Backsaver straps to or around), or kayaks from Stearns and Advanced Elements. The following brands DO have thwarts and work fine with Backsavers: Wing, Riken, Momentum, NRS MaverIK's, Hyside, Soar's with thwarts, Achilles, Maravia, Jack's Plastic Welding, and some models of Sotak. It might be possible to mickey-mouse one into working on an AIRE Force as well.

We also have a kid's size version to fit in the narrow front ends of IKs like our Trinity II listed separately.

Seat also fits Sit On Top kayaks as long as the SOT kayak has accommodating areas to clip to.

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