Aluminum Shaft Cannon Wave 2-Piece

Cannon aluminum Wave two piece
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Price: $89.00
Manufacturer: Cannon
Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs



These two-piece 230cm (7-1/2 feet) Cannon Wave paddles have a silver aluminum shaft, not the black shown. These are supposedly “blems” with a very slight warp to the blade, but it is not noticeable at all to us, and we have handled a lot of Waves over the years. We can guarantee it won't effect the performance at all, and you may return this item if you have any issues whatsoever.p>

This paddle is suitable for easier whitewater or recreations use, but if used in salt water, you need to pull the two halves apart after paddling. There is direct aluminum-to-aluminum contact at the joint, and if you leave one together overnight after ocean use, the two pieces can fuse together. A very good deal – these are regularly about $89 with the yellow blades.

Note- Due to the newer UPS "dimensional weight" nonsense, you may get overcharged if you buy 2 or more of these on the cart. If the UPS is too high we will correct it before capturing the funds, or you can also phone your order in. Single paddles run the ten to eleven pound rate because UPS charges one pound for every 166 cubic inches.

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