Aqua-Bound Surge Kayak Paddle
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Price: $275.00
Manufacturer: Aqua-Bound
Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs



Aqua-Bound Surge Kayak Paddle. Carbon shaft, fiberglass blades. Great feeling and performing kayak paddle. Made in USA!

The two-piece Surge carbon shaft, fiberglass blade kayak paddle from Aquabound is a new product for us. It's strength is easily up to the challenge of whitewater for inflatable kayakers, even though it's often listed vaguely as a "performance" paddle and sometimes lumped in with some of the lighter weight Aquabound touring models.

This is the lone paddle we carry with hand made glass lay-up blades, and that's also why it is priced significantly higher than most of our other kayak paddles. We carry standard take-apart Surge paddles in 220, 230, and 240cm lengths, with bright green blades. This color really stands out if the paddle gets away from you in the middle of a big rapid. We also stock an orange-bladed version of the Surge with a telescoping shaft that can enlarge from 225cm up to 240cm. That is a few bucks more than these standard two-piece models, and it is listed separately in this part of our website.

The T-700 carbon shaft is as close to unbreakable as you can find, and the blades are formed under very high pressure in the final production step, beating out a lot of the competition in both actual breaking strength and surface abrasion resistance. The weight is a feathery 29 to 30 ounces depending on length. Along with our new Bending Branches Navigator paddle, this makes the Surge one of the two lightest paddles we carry, and in the under-two-pound category, one of the absolute toughest kayak paddles on the market.

There are ways to shave another ounce or so off blades, but weight-obsessed kayakers have to realize there is a point of diminishing returns. The techniques used to save that last ounce often sacrifice strength where river runners are concerned. We've seen a ton of lightweight Werners and old Harmony blades snap even in intermediate whitewater, so trying to get under 28 or 30 ounces in a 230cm paddle just doesn't make sense unless you only kayak open water.

The Aqua-Bound Surge is suitable for touring & whitewater paddling.

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