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Bravo 4-piece Kayak Paddle, 230cm aluminum

Bravo 4-piece Kayak Paddle, 230cm aluminum
Price: $77.00
Manufacturer: Bravo
Shipping Weight: 7.00 lbs


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The Bravo 4-piece aluminum shaft kayak paddle is 230cm (7'6") long with red blades that can be spotted easily in the river or ocean if you drop it. These blades, and the aluminum shaft, are both fairly strong so this is a good choice for inflatable kayakers who need a back up in whitewater. The longest section is about 30.5", which is bigger than the longest section of the other four-piece kayak paddles we sell. Unless you drive a really short kayak though, it should still stow behind you without too much trouble.

Inflatable Kayak Paddle in Salt Water

If you use this in salt water, the center joint is direct metal to metal contact, so you should always take at least take this middle joint apart after paddling. If you fail to do so, by the next day the salt residue can corrode the aluminum, and you may have yourself a three piece paddle instead of a 4-piece. The grip areas are ovaled and covered with black shrink tubing, which is nice, and the red blades are asymetric spooned designs. They are not huge blades but the surface area is big enough for most whitewater paddlers, though our main intent for stocking this unit is for it to be a back-up to your main two- or one piece paddle. What's shown in the photo above is actually the two-piece version, though it's exactly the same otherwise.

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