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Bravo Adjusta-Angle take apart kayak paddle

Bravo Adjusta-Angle take apart kayak paddle
Price: $109.00
Manufacturer: Bravo
Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs


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The Bravo Adjusta-Angle ($109) is a 230 cm Italian made take-apart paddle with a very strong fiberglass shaft similar to, but thicker (the wall thickness, not the o.d.) than the Cannon shaft material. The dovetail joint can be feathered at various angles to suit your needs & paddling conditions, and to limit wrist strain. This paddle is mainly interned for whitewater with it's relative beef and strong blades, though nothing says you cannot use this one for touring. Perhaps because these only come in solid black and are somewhat heavy - about three pounds, they haven't sold all that well, but for the price and unique adaptability they seem to be a good value. The blades are a 20% glass filled nylon, and are asymetric spoons, nearly identical to the Cannon Wave blade. The picture is not great because it always seems hard to get black stuff to come out with much contrast, but it's the best we could do. The shaft is ovaled on the right side via a raised hump with rubbery shrink tube over the top, an excellent grip even if you are wearing neoprene gloves.

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