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Cannon Accent Rage take-apart Whitewater Paddle, glass shaft

Cannon Accent Rage take-apart Whitewater Paddle, glass shaft
Price: $135.00
Manufacturer: Cannon
Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs


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The current blade color on this paddle is a deep orange - no more greens.

The two piece Accent Rage paddle is made in the USA. Accent is one of the two paddle lines from Cannon in Minneapolis, the other simply being called “Cannon”. We've sold Cannon's since 1989, but the newer Accents include certain models that are specifically for whitewater, rather than being multi-purpose like the Cannon Wave. With more reinforcement around the neck & center of the blades, and a bit larger surface area, the Rage has proven to be very tough in intermediate & advanced whitewater. The blades are quite a bit wider than the Wave, and thicker, for those who like to chip away at river rocks.

Cannon Accent Rage Whitewater Paddle - Tough

We carry sizes from 220cm to 240cm in 5cm increments. Shorter lengths are readily available by special order with an extra week or so of lead time. Longer sizes on this model are not available. Please note that UPS rates vary depending which size you order, because UPS now upcharges an extra $12 for any box over 48". The 220cm halves are under 48" in the box, and because we special order the popular 230's with the joint slightly offset, they also stay just under 48". However, the male halves of the 225's, 235's, and 240's are all slightly over 48"

Two-piece take apart, roughly 2 pounds, 11 ounces with the drip rings, feather-able for left or right hand control. Offset is 60 degrees, and the grip are is very slightly ovaled.

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Jason on Owyhee River Oregon with Cannon Accent Rage Paddle Jason on Owyhee River Oregon with Cannon Accent Rage Paddle

Product Reviews

Reviewed by bmalman
05/23/2014 - 01:52:32 PM

Awesome paddle!

I'm so glad I bought this paddle! It's lightweight, comfortable to hold, has good control, and has a lot of power. On top of all that, it's a fantastic value!I like paddling with it feathered, but it works great when set to neutral as well. I own a wide IK, so I got the 240cm length and it's perfect for me. The two pieces are are easy to assemble and disassemble, and take up very little space. Once assembled, there is absolutely no play at the joint, and the paddle feels solid and strong. I highly recommend this paddle.

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