Cannon Wave Slider Take Apart Fiberglass

Wave Slider Kayak Paddle Adjustable Length  from Cannon
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Price: $129.00
Manufacturer: Cannon
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs



We aren’t really carrying the plain 2-piece Cannon Wave paddle anymore, but we do have a fancy new fiberglass shaft version with a “Slider Joint”. The Slider Wave allows you to buy one paddle that will extend from 220 to 240cm in 5cm (2”) increments. This is accomplished simply by making the inner fiberglass ferrule a separate piece that is not attached to either side, and drilling four extra button holes on one half near the joint (see the second image above). This way, you can use one paddle for several boats ranging from under 30” wide up to over 40”.

We used to sell quite a few of the Waves for whitewater, but when Cannon came out with their more purebred river paddles under the Accent moniker, we opted to go with the Accent Rage for those customers. While the Rage blades are definitely stronger than the Wave, lots of people including us still use Waves for moderate whitewater. And Cannon will replace broken blades for a nominal amount if damage does occur. If you want one paddle that can not only work with different kayaks, but different types of water as well, this would certainly by high on any list. If you run class IV and V or do a lot of rock bashing with your axe, maybe opt for the Rage, but for open water, all but the biggest surf, easier rivers, or windy bays, the Wave Slider is a great design.

The blades are injection molded with a blend of fiberglass and nylon, and the shaft is a strong spindle-formed fiberglass made at Cannon’s Minneapolis factory. $129, yellow blades only, about 2-1/4 pounds with drip rings.

UPS is now charging a much higher dimensional weight for ground shipments than before 2015, so that’s why the ship weight is way more than it should be. If you want to order more than one paddle, please phone your order in as our cart will overcharge you on the UPS. Or, we can also correct the shipping fee before capturing the credit card funds.

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