Cascade take-apart Kid's Kayak Paddle

Cascade take-apart Kid's Kayak Paddle
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Price: $65.00
Manufacturer: Cannon
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs



The Cannon Cascade Kid's ($65) two-piece paddle is an American made model with an oval-grip 1-1/8" aluminum shaft. It is extremely light at only 32 oz. The standard version is 86" long with 65 degree left or right offsets (or you can have the blades in-line, which is what most kids prefer), but longer or shorter lengths can also be special ordered for a small upcharge. The blade size on this paddle is quite a bit smaller than other paddles on this page, scaled down so it won't wear out smaller arms. This is not apparent in our photo since there isn't another adult paddle blade in the picture, but the Cascade blade is maybe 70% the surface area of the Cannon Wave's blades.

The standard blade color we carry is dark yellow, not the white shown. The take-apart joint in the black shaft has a fiberglass ferrule. This means that if you use it in salt water and forget to take it apart, it won't fuse itself together into a one-piece paddle, like those with straight aluminum-to-aluminum joints tend to. The ferule also provides a firm fit between the two halves, making your Cascade feel like a single piece paddle. This is definitely not a toy or just for kids, but rather, a scaled-down version of the adult Cannon models that the ladies will appreciate too. That said, the Cascade is not a whitewater paddle either; the shaft will bend with the amount of torque needed in rapids, and the blades could break as well under this type of stress. It is intended for touring purposes only. Drip rings come with all Cannon paddles. Children will love it!

Note: another good choice for kids is the 220cm Clear Blue Hawaii (a.k.a. "CBH") Tour paddle, which has a fiberglass shaft and stronger blades - though it weighs a few ounces more. We will probably phase out the Cannon Cascade in favor of the CBH since it seems like the CBH is a better value.

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