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Kayak Paddle Leash

Kayak Paddle Leash for ocean and lake use
Price: $16.00
Manufacturer: Watersports Warehouse
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs


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Kayak Paddle Leash are something we sell with caution. These are for flat water and "mild" ocean use ONLY. They are absolutely not for whitewater or rivers with moving current, and even in heavy ocean surf you could get in trouble with one. Anything that attaches you to a paddle, or heaven forbid, to the boat, is generally a drowning waiting to occur. Paddle Leashes are more or less safe to use on water where you shouldn't need one anyway, because on calm ocean or lake waters, if you drop a paddle it's not going to make a beeline away from your kayak for any reason physics could explain. These are American made, 6' in length when stretched, 3' unstretched, made of nylon tubular webbing, with a loop in the protruding bungie cord on one end (for you) and a velcro loop on the webbing at the other end (to attach to the paddle shaft). We seem to get these in a different color every time we order. Our current stock is orange, not blue as shown.

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