Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes

Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes

This is the main page for all things inflatable kayak-related. Instead of wading through many pages of mixed boats and accessories, you can click the indivdual categories directly to your left.

Our inflatable kayak line includes whitewater models, kayaks for oceans, calm water, and even for backpackers. We feature AIRE, Innova, NRS, Tributary, Incept, Hyside, and a couple of our Boat People exclusive design touring models. We concentrate on the higher end inflatables that offer the best combinations of long lifespan, warranty, good service through the manufacturer, and performance, rather than the lower end mass marketed products. The low end models tend to cause customers and dealers more grief due to quality issues than they are worth. Details on solo whitewater, tandem whitewater, and solo & tandem touring inflatable kayaks are found on their respective pages, but some rough rules of thumb about all models are as follows:

The more boat length in the water, known as the "waterline", the more easily a whitewater model will ride through holes but the harder it will be to pivot quickly. The shape of the boat's underside also matters, flatter bottoms always being better in whitewater. Long waterlines on a touring kayak - inflatable or otherwise - increase hull speed and tracking. Wide boats are more stable but also slower. In other words, there's no such thing as a fast flatwater boat that is also going to be a great, stable whitewater craft.

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Raft Inflatable Kayak Cataraft Cashier's Check / Bank Transfer 5 Percent Discount

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WindPaddle Cruiser Kayak Sail

Sail your inflatable with the WindPaddle Cruiser!

WindPaddle Adventure Sail for Inflatable Kayaks

Move across the water the easy way with a WindPaddle Sail!

Canvas Inflatable Kayak Bag
Boat People Canvas Inflatable Kayak Carry Bag. Roughly 15.5” diameter and...
21qt Trapezoid Shaped Soft Cooler

21 Quart Soft Cooler from AIRE

4-Piece Recreational Kayak Paddle
Hot Deal

The blades on this 4-Piece Recreational Kayak Paddle 220cm (7'2") BIC are...

Accent Moxie Take Apart Kayak Paddle

New Accent Moxie Lady's or Kid's kayak paddle

AIRE 12 Inch Inflatable Kayak Thwart Seat - Backrest

AIRE's 12" diameter Kayak Thwart Backrest ($89) can be used in any AIRE or...

AIRE 36 Quart Soft Cooler Bag

New AIRE Boaters Soft Cooler 36 Quart

AIRE 7" Diameter Kayak Thwart Backrest / Footrest

See the write-up for the AIRE 12" thwart for more details. This seven inch...

AIRE BAKraft Inflatable Kayak

AIRE BAKraft hybrid ultra-light, new material for 2019

AIRE Cheetah Chair Inflatable Kayak Seat

The AIRE Cheetah Chair is just the standard closed-cell foam seat that...

AIRE Deluxe Kayak Seat

We've yet to use one of these newer AIRE Deluxe kayak seats ourselves....

AIRE Footbrace Kit for AIRE Inflatable Kayaks

Although other manufacturers like Hyside and NRS sell rubber-mounted...

AIRE Force Inflatable Kayak

Float bags and thigh straps standard

AIRE Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold

AIRE's Mesh Cargo Hold looks exactly like their waterproof version from a...

AIRE Kayak Carry Bag

The AIRE Kayak Bag runs $99 and can be used for air transport. It has just...

AIRE Lynx I Inflatable Kayak

New, deeper design for AIRE Lynx I Inflatable Kayak

AIRE Lynx II Inflatable Kayak

AIRE's most popular tandem river model

AIRE Outfitter 1 Inflatable Kayak

The sporty but stable AIRE Outfitter 1 solo inflatable kayak

Call for price
AIRE Outfitter II Inflatable Kayak

Our best reviewed whitewater two-person kayak

AIRE Replacement Aluminum Fin for Sawtooth, SuperLynx, and Trinity II

We carry spare fins for the AIRE Tributary Sawtooth's and our Trinity II,...

AIRE Rocktabomb River Tube

AIRE Rocktabomb River Tube a low water BLAST!

AIRE Rocktagon River Tube

Rocktagons have been discontinued - see text

Call for price
Product is out of stock
AIRE Sea Tiger Inflatable Kayak

Discontinued - see text

Call for price
AIRE Superlynx Inflatable Kayak

The multi-purpose AIRE Super Lynx for class III and open water

AIRE Tributary Sawtooth I Solo Package Deal

With One Cheetah Seat. See the AIRE Tributary Sawtooth kayak full...

AIRE Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak

This Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak comes standard with two backrests so...

AIRE Tributary Sawtooth Tandem Inflatable Kayak

This Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak comes standard with two backrests....

AIRE Tributary SPUD Inflatable Kayak
AIRE Tributary Kid's size SPUD Inflatable Kayak
AIRE Tributary Strike 2 Inflatable Kayak

New, stiffer, stronger Strike kayak material and lime color!

AIRE Tributary Strike Inflatable Kayak Package

Our AIRE Tributary Strike Inflatable Kayak Package includes a set...

AIRE Tributary Tomcat LV Mini Inflatable Kayak

Discontinued - see the Tributary Spud model

Product is out of stock
AIRE Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak

A great value in a class IV worthy kayak

AIRE Waterproof Inflatable Kayak Cargo Hold

The Waterproof IK Cargo Hold from AIRE is a new & improved version of the...

Aluminum Shaft Cannon Wave 2-Piece
Save now on Cannon's Two Piece Wave paddle
Aqua-Bound Surge Kayak Paddle

Aqua-Bound Surge Kayak Paddle. Carbon shaft, fiberglass blades....

Bending Branches Navigator Kayak Paddle
Bending Branches Navigator Kayak Paddle. Carbon shaft, real Black...
Boat People Bilge Pump for Inflatable Kayaks

A number of folks who buy non-self bailing touring inflatables like the...

Boat People Curved Padded Thighstraps

Our U.S. made Curved Padded Thighstraps ($47/pair) are generally sold to...

Boat People Fin Kit for pvc inflatable kayaks, removable skeg

For pvc kayaks only - see text for more details

Boat People High Back Inflatable Kayak Seat

Our new Boat People High Back Inflatable Kayak Seat is the most...

Boat People Inflatable Kayak Backsaver Seat

Many inflatable kayaks have backrests that leave much to be desired. If...

Boat People Kid's Backsaver inflatable kayak and sit-on-top accessory seat

The Kid's Backsavers are an accessory seat with a rear pocket, made of...

Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps

Boat People Straight Padded Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps - made in...

Bravo 4-piece Kayak Paddle, 230cm aluminum

The Bravo 4-piece aluminum shaft kayak paddle is 230cm (7'6") long with...

Cannon Accent Rage take-apart Whitewater Paddle, glass shaft

A great take-apart whitewater paddle at an affordable price!

Cannon Escape 2-Piece touring Kayak Paddle

The Escape touring paddle ($99, shown at two angles) is another American...

Cannon Escape 4-Piece Kayak Paddle

We now recommend the Cannon Wave 4 piece

Call for price
Cannon Wave 4-Piece FGX Fiberglass Shaft kayak paddle

The 4-Piece FGX glass-shaft Wave is identical to it's two-piece brother...

Cannon Wave Slider Take Apart Fiberglass

New - Adjustable Length Cannon Wave Slider Paddle

Cascade take-apart Kid's Kayak Paddle

The Cannon Cascade Kid's ($65) two-piece paddle is an American made model...

CBH Makaha Glass Shaft take apart kayak paddle

Discontinued by manufacturer - see text.

Call for price
Hyside Padillac K1 Solo Inflatable Kayak

The Hyside Padillac K1 Solo Inflatable Kayak is one of the most stable...

Incept K-37 tandem Inflatable Kayak

Incept's K37 Mohaka tandem inflatable kayak is a New Zealand-made kayak...

Incept Pacific Tandem Inflatable Sea Kayak

The New Zealand made Incept Pacific tandem inflatable sea kayak is...

Incept Sally Inflatable River Kayak

The Incept Sally inflatable kayak, also known as the Incept Explore, is a...

Innova Halibut Anglers Inflatable Kayak

New Fishing Kayak from Innova - the Halibut

Innova Helios 2 EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Discontinued - please see our text

Call for price
Innova Helios Bolt-On Rudder Kit

May be discontinued - call for availablility

Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak

Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak has a Drybag included. Are you a...

Innova Safari Self Bailing Inflatable Kayak

Big price drop for 2017!

Innova SeaWave two or three person inflatable

New Innova Seawave Touring Trio Kayak

Innova Solar 410 Tandem Touring Kayak

The Innova Solar 410c is back with a super low price!

Innova Solar Package Deal

Solar IK Package with Paddles and Pump

Innova solo Twist Inflatable Kayak with Skeg

The ultimate backpacking kayak!

Innova Sunny EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Sunny has been replaced by the Solar 410c - see text

Call for price
Innova Swing Decked Inflatable Kayak

Improved material for 2017!

Innova Swing EX Kayak

Extra-long, Extra Fast Innova Swing EX Kayak.

Innova Swing II Decked Double

Nice performance and optional sprayskirts!

Innova Swing Spray Skirt

Velcro-attached sprayskirts are now available for the solo and tandem...


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Inflatable Kayak & Canoe Payload

An i.k's total payload capacity (your weight plus your gear) depends on width & waterline length, tube diameter, and on self-bailers, how thick the inflated floor is from top to bottom. In some instances you will be sitting directly on top of the inflatable floor, and on other kayaks there may be an inflatable or foam seat underneath you. Many of the Sea Eagle, Stearns, and Sevylor "self-bailers" that are being sold today have floors that only range from 3" to 4", so if you are a larger person, and particularly if you want a tandem boat, you want to keep this in mind. To really function properly most true river inflatables will have floors 5" to 6" thick, or at least 4" on some of the longer solo models. All inflatable kayaks in our two whitewater sections are self-bailing except the Innova Vagabond.

We don't try to carry every brand of inflatable kayak. Many companies sell direct to the public, and some brands simply don't seem to offer good value for the money. This usually has to do with the price/quality/warranty formula. The absence of a boat or brand from our site does not mean the product isn't worth your consideration, but we do carry inflatable kayaks that have proven to provide excellent performance, at the minimum cost per per year to own.

Call us with any questions at 925-820-2628, or email us at . We have had issues on and off with with our "info@" email address not forwarding (to us) properly, so don't use that one for now or we may not get your questions.