Inflatable Rafts & Catarafts

Inflatable Rafts & Catarafts

Whitewater river rafts, catarafts, rowing frames, oars, paddles, and rafting accessories from AIRE, Rocky Mountain Raft (a.k.a. RMR), Maxxon, Tributary, NRS, Incept, Sawyer / Cobra, Whitewater Designs, Caviness, and Boat People specialty items are found in this part of our website. Pumps from Wildwater Designs, Carlson, K-pump, and others are found on the pump page. Lifejackets, foot cones, drybags, raft covers for trailers, and safety gear each have their own sections. Our whitewater rafts include self bailers as well as a few non-bailing "bucket" boats from NRS and Tributary. Tributary is AIRE's import line.

Got questions? We have rowed, paddled, and sold just about every brand out there, so don't hesitate to call or come by. We love to "talk boats," and would be happy to answer your questions. You can also email us at, but just keep in mind that time can be tight for typing lengthy replies, so if you have more than a couple questions please phone us.

Although some of the images you see here may appear on other websites, rest assured the content within does not. Every word - occasional typo's and all - was written by us. The Boat People dot com is a no-copy & paste zone. With photos, sometimes a manufacturer's studio work is always going to be more detailed than anything an individual dealer can shoot.

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Maxxon XSB-390 River Raft

New High Performance Maxxon 13' XSB-390 with Drop Stitch Floor

AIRE Tributary Fourteen HD Raft

NEW AIRE Tributary Fourteen HD Raft is self bailing with a five...

RMR 105 SB Storm Whitewater Raft

RMR 105 SB Storm Whitewater Raft. A new smaller size, 10' 6", from...

Tributary Nine.Five HD Raft

The sporty Tributary Nine.Five HD Self Bailing Raft makes a great...

AIRE 143 R, D, and E fourteen foot Inflatable Rafts

AIRE's 14'3" 143D, 143R, and 143E with NO THWARTS self bailing inflatable...

AIRE Super Puma 13' Self Bailing River Raft

Great for anglers or a paddle crew of five!

AIRE 130R, 130D, 130E Self Bailing Inflatable Rafts

Price shown is with no thwarts

AIRE 156E, 156R, and 156D Inflatable River Rafts

The AIRE 156 series are for big loads and big water.

AIRE Tributary Twelve HD Raft

AIRE Tributary Twelve HD Raft Self Bailer

RMR 12' Rocky Mountain Rafts Self Bailing Raft w/Laced Floor

Great little raft for five paddlers or fishing!

AIRE Sabertooth 12 Frameless Cataraft

The AIRE Sabertooth 12 Frameless Cataraft is a no-frame 12-1/2’...

13 Foot RMR Self Bailer with Three Thwarts
Hot Deal

A Great Price on a Tough Rocky Mountain Mid-size Raft

21qt Trapezoid Shaped Soft Cooler

21 Quart Soft Cooler from AIRE

26" X 35" Heavy Duty Mesh Cargo Floor

Cargo Floors are a handy item that make packing overnight gear on rafts...

34" X 40" Heavy Duty Mesh Cargo Floor

Cargo Floors are a handy item that make packing overnight gear on rafts...

38" X 44" Whitewater Designs Cargo Floor

The XL is the biggest size Cargo Floor we carry.

Even with a self...

60" X 80" Heavy Duty Cargo Net

Cargo Nets are usually used with Cargo Floors, which are listed on...

90" X 80" Heavy Duty Cargo Net

Cargo Nets are usually used with Cargo Floors, which are listed on...

AIRE 136DD Raft
AIRE 136DD Raft
AIRE BAKraft Inflatable Kayak
AIRE BAKraft hybrid raft kayak paddled like an inflatable kayak
AIRE Bronze Oar Lock

Silicon Bronze Oarlocks are $89 per pair.

Note: these...

AIRE Jaguarundi 16' Cataraft, Tubes Only

AIRE Jaguarundi 16 foot Cataraft Pontoons can handle any river!

AIRE Large size Raft Carry Bag

AIRE has two sizes of Raft Stow Bags. These are round cross-sectionally,...

AIRE Leopard 18' Inflatable Cataraft Tubes

AIRE's largest Performance Series Cat

AIRE Lion 14' Cat Tubes

AIRE Lion 14 large diameter, high capacity inflatable cat tubes.

AIRE Lion 16' Cataraft Pontoons

AIRE Lion 16 high payload Cataraft

AIRE Lion 18' Cataraft Tubes

AIRE Lion 18 cat tubes - highest payload

AIRE Oar Rights

OarRights and Blade Rights are $18 each for both varieties.


AIRE Ocelot 14' Inflatable Cataraft

Special order AIRE 14’ Ocelot Cataraft tubes

AIRE Outcast Angler's Rowing Frame

AIRE's aluminum take-apart Fly Fishing frame is designed for the Super...

AIRE Raft Carry Bag - Small

Small AIRE Raft Carry Bag

AIRE has two sizes of Raft Stow Bags;...

AIRE Sabertooth Cataraft Thwart

AIRE's beefy Sabertooth Catarft strap-in thwarts sit high in the raft so...

AIRE Tributary Fourteen HD Raft Package Deal

AIRE Tributary Fourteen HD Raft Package Deal

AIRE Tributary Sixteen HD River Raft

AIRE Tributary Sixteen HD River Raft

AIRE Tributary Thirteen HD Whitewater Raft

The AIRE Tributary Thirteen HD Whitewater Raft

AIRE Wave Destroyer 13' Cataraft

AIRE Wave Destroyer 13 for high flows and those who run steep...

AIRE Wave Destroyer 15' Cataraft

AIRE Wave Destroyer 15 big water 15 foot cat tubes.

AIRE Wave Destroyer Mini 12' Cataraft

AIRE Cataraft Wave Destroyer 12 footer.

AIRE Wildcat 13' Cataraft tubes

The 13’ Wildcat is now a special order item

Carlisle 8" Outfitter Oar Blade

We have phased out the Carlisle blades - please see the sawyer Duramax

D-ring / Lift Handle Combo, hypalon

A very large patch often used at the bow of rafts or marine sportboats,...

Drop Stitch Floor Rocky Mtn 14' Self Bailer On Sale
Hot Deal

Save a pile of cash now on a premium RMR 14' Self Bailing Raft

Dry Bag

High Quality German Made Ortlieb Duffels

Call for price
Dry Duffle

The new Ortlieb Dry Duffles are the highest quality bag of this...


River Packs, drybags, are approximately 16" around with a rolled...

Electric Raft Pump 110 volt

We've been very pleased with this electric raft pump inflator,...

Heavy duty Oval PVC D-Ring for rafts and kayaks

These are the two-layer welded D-rings used on most AIRE rafts. We also...

Hypalon Footcones for rafts

Pre-sanded Hypalon Footcones

For rubber (hypalon,...

Innova Alfonso Fishing Raft with Transom

New! Alfonso Fishing Raft from Innova

Klymit 20 Ounce Static V Air Mattress

Klymit 20 Ounce Static V Air Mattress

The Static V mattress...

Maxxon 14' Extra-Fat 25" Cataraft Tubes

Maxxon P-14+ Cataraft tubes - 25" diameter, 14' long, 79 pounds per pair....

Maxxon P-10 Cataraft Tubes

Maxxon P10 Cataraft pontoon tubes are 10' long, 18.5" around, and weigh 40...

Maxxon P-16 Sixteen Foot Cataraft tubes

Discontinued - see the Maxxon PT-16 "Fatty" model

Call for price
Maxxon P12 12' Cataraft Pontoons

The best deal for twelve foot tubes by far

Maxxon P16+ Fatty 25" Cataraft Tubes

Maxxon PT-16 25 inch tubes - the least expensive 16' cat made

Maxxon SB-270 Whitewater Raft

Maxxon SB-270 Whitewater Raft, the King of the little guys.

Maxxon XSB-320 Whitewater Raft
NEW Maxxon XSB-320 Whitewater Raft 10 1/2 Feet Self Bailer
NRS Alley Cat Aluminum Cataraft Rowing Frame

Price $1,249 but SHIPPING COST VARIES so please phone for...

Call for price
NRS Fat Cat Aluminum Cataraft Frame

Price $1,499 but SHIPPING COST VARIES so please phone for...

Call for price
NRS Livery 130 13' Standard Floor Raft

We do not stock the NRS standard floor (non-selfbailing) rafts, so please...

NRS Livery 140 Standard Floor 14' Hypalon River Raft

Achilles, Hyside, and NRS all theoretically make 14'non-selfbailing...

NRS Longhorn Day Frame for Rafts

Aluminum NRS Day Frame (four piece, no cooler slot): This frame is simply...

NRS Multi-Day Raft Rowing Frame, aluminum take-apart

The Multi-Day Aluminum frame is an eight piece units that holds both a...

NRS Multi-Day Top Cat Aluminum Cataraft Rowing Frame

Price $1,449 but SHIPPING COST VARIES so please phone for...

Call for price
NRS Otter Livery 106 Standard Floor Raft

The 10-1/2' Otter Livery non-bailer from NRS is a fine choice for fly...

NRS Otter Livery 96 Standard Floor Raft

The little 9'6" Otter non-bailer from NRS is a fine choice for anglers or...

NRS Overnight Raft Rowing Frame, aluminum take-apart

An Overnight Aluminum (six piece, holds one cooler or one drybox) has...

NRS Take-apart Aluminum Stern Frame for rafts

The aluminum Stern Frame (four piece) from NRS is available with either a...

NRS Universal Cataraft Frame Aluminum Whitewater

Price $1,175 but SHIPPING COST VARIES so please phone for...

Call for price
On Sale - Rocky Mountain Orange 14' Self-bailer
Hot Deal

Save now on a 2018 RMR 14' Self Bailer


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Many potential buyers tend to get a bit confused and stressed trying to decipher and decide between various boat brands. The good news for all of you is that almost any name brand river infatable will last a very long time, so it's hard to go wrong in choosing. Not all brands & models handle the same though, and the relative cost per year to own different makes may vary a bit.

We try to offer the highest values, which is why many of the inflatable rafts in this part of our website are from Rocky Mountain, AIRE, or AIRE's import Tributary line. We were the first AIRE dealer in California and we knew AIRE's owners long before the company existed. With Rocky Mountain, we came on board the first full year they were in business, and their economical rafts and cat tubes continue to delete with their unbelievable value. Our customers have been very pleased with the Rocky's as have we. For us and for our customers, it's important that the crew at AIRE & Rocky Mountain are easy to work with, and impeccably honest in covering their products just as they say they will. Both companies deal with end users with respect, and do everything they can to keep those who own their products happy.

AIRE remains the only inflatable builder out there offering a warranty with coverage for damage you do to your boat, not just defects that are the fault of the manufacturer. Most of the other boat builders claiming ten or twelve year guarantees may only cover the hull material for that period, or have exclusions that make the warranty far less impressive than at first glance. Why cover your damage too? If you've managed to incur a large tear or other major damage, AIRE would rather fix the boat properly with their welders & sewing equipment, as opposed to having one of their products looking rough due to a home repair, where the boat owner may not be equipped or experienced enough for the job at hand.

Both AIRE/Tributary and Rocky Mountain Rafts build rafts without glue (with the exception of chafers on the Rocky's). In the case of the Trib's and RMR's, this makes them different from almost all other import pvc rafts. You can learn a lot more about boat materials by reading our "PVC vs. Rubber" the Great Debate" section.

Now days, almost every brand of boat - even some of the cheap glued Asian brands - are plenty tough enough to the degree that few modern boats owners ever really need their patch kit. So when you purchase a raft you are really paying for two key things: lifespan - or what it will cost per year to own, and handling. A "good handling" raft or inflatable kayak will be responsive through a wide variety of river conditions. This is not true of a great many hypalon brands and models, which most often tend to be more mediocre in their handling traits. But what about lifespan? Aren't pvc inflatable pre-disposed to less usable years than a quality hypalon model? If the boat is pvc and assembled with glue, yes, that is most often true. Using welders for assembly, especially if done in combination with urethane bladders as AIRE does, ensure very lengthy lifespans. In fact, with the AIRE's it is almost unlimited. The outer hull of an AIRE could be nearly worn down to the base fabric all over and the raft will still retain air just fine. For the same reason that an AIRE can be made to last almost forever, it is also the most easily serviced in the field if something should go wrong. With all these considerations we feel that Rocky Mountain, AIRE, and AIRE's Tributary line offer the lowest costs per year to own, with products that perform at a high level even in class V water.

AIRE has an optional upgrade on all American made rafts to a Sealed Floor Pocket; more about that in the boat descriptions. Another new option that was added a few years ago is urethane fabric for any AIRE raft or Cataraft. Pricing is given for this under the indivdual raft & cat sizes near the bottom of the descriptions.

For more information about multiple boat discounts, and discounts on accessories that are purchased with your boat, please see the F.A.Q. page of our website or better yet, call us at 925-820-BOAT. In brief, all accessories except rowing frames and aluminum dryboxes receive a 10% discount. These two exceptions are due to low margins and high incoming shipping costs. This section was updated in March of 2013.

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