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MTI Patriot Rescue Harness Lifevest, Small/Xs

MTI Patriot Life jacket
Price: $159.00
Manufacturer: MTI
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs


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This listing is for the Small/Xs size Patriot lifejacket, and it is at a very good price of $60 off the retail. Stock is limited to the few we have on hand. The regular description follows-

MTI is replacing the Patriot with a new rescue harness version of their Headwater, a nice vest no doubt. The catch is that the price is $249 on that one, and for us it will be special order only.

The small/xs Patriot Rescue Vest ($159 retail) is labeled for 30 to 35" chest sizes, and will actually fit 29" to 36" chests. It has 26 pounds bouyancy, and remember that this is all in the body because the Patriot has no collar. Super soft foam is sued throughout, with strong 500 denier cordura on the exterior, lash tabs for knives, whistle loops, eight-way adjustability including the shoulders, and two low profile neoprene pockets (the smaller pocket is on the opposite side as the large pocket, not the same side as shown). They come in mango only, with black trim and black interiors. Please note that because this model does not have a floatation collar it is designated as a type III by the Coast Guard, even though it really is a type V in every other way.

Unless you have been through a swiftwater rescue course, or at least boat with others who have, you should not be looking at harness vests like this one. Like many other "safety devices", the extra hardware and straps of a harness can be an accident waiting to happen in the wrong hands. Many paddlers who have contacted us about purchasing Patriots have not been through SRT so they should really stay with the Big Buoy model or one of the true type V's. Also note that the harness strap in front has to weave through a metal friction plate and then through a 2" camming buckle, so the Patriot does not come on and off quickly if you manage to get snagged in something. This is true of all rescue vests though, not just the Patriot.

As with MTI's Big Buoy vest, there is a lot of foam packed into a kayak-length jacket like the Patriot. This means this vest is very thick on the front panels, and you sense this bulk when you wear it. Some people have loved these jackets and even ordered more for their friends. Other people have whined to no end, but if you think it will be a problem please stay with a standard model like the Canyon type V - which no one has ever complained about. And try to understand that there is no free lunch where buoyancy is concerned. More floatation on a lifejacket means more cubic inches of foam. More foam either means short thick panels or very long not-so-thick panels like on the MTI Canyon vests.

Note that as these lifejackets are closeouts, we will not take returns on them, and it is your responsibility to measure your chest (or whatever part of your torso is the biggest) before ordering.

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