MTI Riptide Type III kayak vest

MTI Riptide Type III kayak vest
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Price: $99.00
Manufacturer: MTI
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs



Riptide Type III lifevests come in two sizes HOWEVER we are now out of the small/medium's for the rest of the year. The L/XL size Riptide, which is all we have left, is for chest sizes 41" to 52"; the color is a midnight-blue two tone, not what is shown in the photo.

The Riptide ($99) kayak vest from MTI has a shape like many over-the-head jackets, but this one is a front zippered design so it's easier to get on and off. This one will be replacing the Stohlquist Wedge we've carried as we run out of those, and it offers the same extreme minimalist approach. The entire side is open and the rear foam is sculpted, so there is zero interference to your arms & shoulders even when setting up for a roll. The small amount of padding up top makes this one ideal for the ladies, and the rugged materials used throughout should ensure a lifespan of at least 15 to 20 years.

Riptides feature a single Z-adjust side strap on each side instead of two independant adjustments per, a front & rear knife lash, reflective tape, fully adjustable shoulders, a separate waist strap below the foam like many MTI vests to stop ride-up, and two expandable pockets. Strong cordura shell, in the two-tone bluish slate color shown, 16.5 pounds buoyancy.

One detail to note is that on this vest, as well as the Play and PFDiva from MTI, we have had a few buyers who seem to have trouble getting the zipper started. Every time a customer is here at our location, what we notice if they are having trouble is that the insertion pin, or "prong", is not pushed all the way into the zipper slider, or "car". The prong/insertion pin is the part at the bottom of the zipper teeth, on the left side of the zipper, as you are wearing the lifevest. First snap the fastex buckle underneath the bottom of the zipper so you are not struggling to hold the zipper together. Then make sure you insert the prong ALL THE WAY into the zipper car. Sometimes, wiggling the zipper car's pull-tab a little bit as you pull upwards helps. Keep in mind there are thousands of paddlers wearing these lifevests with no problem, so the issue is not usually with the product. MTI did choose to go with a very large tooth size on the zippers of these three vests, for strength, and larger-toothed zippers are almost always a bit more sticky to get started.

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