MTI Play Type III kayak lifevest

MTI Play Type III kayak lifevest
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Price: $105.00
Manufacturer: MTI
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs




The MTI Play is available in XS/Small (31 to 36" chest, with 16 pounds floatation), Med/Large (37 to 44", with 17 pounds floatation), and XL/XXl (45" to 53", 18 pounds floatation). This very nice high-end men's type III whitewater jacket has a glove-like fit with MTI's Kinetic Technology (preventing ride-up), and uses MTI's highest grade foam in both the front & back and very strong 500 denier cordura exterior fabric. It has one regular pocket and one mesh pocket, lash tabs for whistles, etc, a knife lash, and adjustable shoulders to vary exactly where this sits on your torso. We do not currently have stock on the mango color shown. Most of what we have is blue or red, but feel free to call or email with the size you need, and we will let you know what colors we have.

One detail to note is that on this vest, as well as the PFDiva and Riptide from MTI, we have had a few buyers who seem to have trouble getting the zipper started. Every time a customer is here at our location, what we notice if they are having trouble is that the insertion pin, or "prong", is not pushed all the way into the zipper slider, or "car". The prong/insertion pin is the part at the bottom of the zipper teeth, on the left side of the zipper, as you are wearing the lifevest. First snap the fastex buckle underneath the bottom of the zipper so you are not struggling to hold the zipper together. Then make sure you insert the prong ALL THE WAY into the zipper car. Sometimes, wiggling the zipper car's pull-tab a little bit as you pull upwards helps. Keep in mind there are thousands of paddlers wearing these lifevests with no problem, so the issue is not usually with the product. MTI did choose to go with a very large tooth size on the zippers of these three vests, for strength, and larger-toothed zippers are almost always a bit more sticky to get started.

We do not push the Play for casual flat water boating because it is a bit too warm for that. This model is intended for whitewater and heavy ocean surf. Most of our stock is slate (a blue-grey-purple color), red, or navy blue. Email to check colors in your size.

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