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Type 5 Universal size rafting lifejackets on sale

Rafting Lifejackets Type 5 on sale
Price: $100.00
Shipping Weight: 13.00 lbs



Type V universal vests will fit friends & relatives with chest sizes ranging from about 30” up to 56”. No need to guess as you would with the multi-size models. We have two brands, both at the same price. Some of them are deep orange & black two tone MTI Explorers, and the others are another familiar brand that we cannot advertise as “on sale”, but they are a three-tone red/blue/black combo. The MTIs have stiffer foam but come down a bit further on the chest, and therefore will work a bit better with tall folks. The “brand B” (call us on the phone for more info) use a softer foam but tend to bottom out a bit higher on the belly. Both brands do have adjustable shoulders though, and high 25+ pound buoyancy.

Type Vs rarely go on sale so this is a good opportunity to pick up some spares for your rafting colleagues. 56” is the upper max for these and that includes the clothing you wear on the river, so figure 55” to be safe. This means 55” at the biggest part of your torso, wherever that happens to be! We have had larger customers order these for themselves without checking their chest size first, so make sure you do that or you will be on the hook for shipping both ways. And shipping on these is a bit steep since the greedy corporate overlords at UPS decided two years back to charge not just by actual weight, but by “dimensional weight” (every 138 cubic inches is billed at one pound). If you want to know the shipping fee before you go on our cart, please send us your zip code. $100 each while they last.

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