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Venture Paddle Jacket from Palm; unisex & breathable, with hood

Venture Paddle Jacket from Palm; unisex & breathable, with hood
Price: $89.00
Manufacturer: Palm
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs


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Because of the recent split between Palm USA, and MTI, who had been partnered up for the last eight or nine years, our inventory on the Venture jacket is limited and not replaceable at this time. We're hoping Palm will reach a distribution deal with someone here in the U.S. but for now what we have left is it. As of April 18th we only have these in medium, and large, and we are evne down to just a couple of the larges at that.

The Venture is a fully breathable and generously cut top that won't restrict your movement. It has a hood that tucks away near the warming collar. The chest zipper is almost a drysuit grade, and it keeps out water in most swims. The drawcord waist on this jacket has some neoprene coating on the inside for a better seal against your tummy. The wrist cuffs are the usual velcroed neoprene affairs. In gray only.

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