Bravo 4ALU Hand Pump

Bravo 4ALU Hand Raft Pump
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Price: $30.00
Manufacturer: Bravo
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs



The Bravo 4ALU raft pump varies from our Bravo 6M hand pump in several ways. It has an aluminum shaft (not plastic) below the T-grip, and no pressure gauge. It's barrel is also 3/8" smaller in diameter & 1" shorter, having 80% the output per stroke of the 6M. It is still a double action that blows on the up and down stroke, and retains the feature of being convertible to a single action mode so it only blows on the down stroke. Many of you don't need the pressure gauge so this may be another choice.

Although the quality is very good on the B-4ALU, one concern we have is that some we've opened and tried have been quite hard to pump for some reason, as if the tolerance between the cylinder walls and plunger disc washers is too tight. Re-lubing with lighter lithium grease helps, but it's a bit of a mystery. A long time ago Coleman used to sell this pump with their name on it, and they were very good back then. That's the whole reason we brought them into stock. We will check out a few more.

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