K-Pump K-40 Double-Stage Hand Held Cylinder Pump

K-Pump K-40 Double-Stage Hand Held Cylinder Pump
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Price: $150.00
Manufacturer: K-Pump
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs



Made in USA. The K40 Pump is a unique two-stage pump - sort of a pump within a pump. You can lock it into a lower volume top-off position, where only the smaller internal cylinder moves in and out. In this mode it is a 2-3/4" diameter K-100. If you lock the mushroom shaped plunger handle the other direction, it becomes a 4" pump similar in volume to one of Carlson's "shorty" 4" barrel pumps (we don't carry Carlson's shorty in stock so it's not listed on our site). Normally you begin with the 4" mode, then if you want to top off beyond the fairly high pressure already achieved you go to the 2-3/4" mode. You can also unlock & pump with both stages telescoping if your arms are really long, but it's a bit awkward this way even for lanky people. The K40 is four pounds and measures 4-1/2" in diameter at the end caps, and two feet long. We'll try to get a photo posted soon.

Each K-Pump has a two-year warranty and an extra O-ring hidden inside the front end of the main body. They also come with add-on tip adaptors in case the main tip doesn't fit your valves tight enough. Any barrel style pump should be re-lubed once per season, or more often if your usage is heavy. The K-pumps are no exception.

Note: we do not carry the K-400, a longer version of the K-40, in stock but we can order it (it runs $175). Frankly we feel it's length and bulk make it a bit ungainly to operate for all but the longest-armed of boaters.

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