K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Gauge, fits most valves

K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Gauge, fits most valves
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Price: $38.00
Manufacturer: K-Pump
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs



This new smaller size raft inflatable kayak pressure gauge from K-Pump has a blue face and takes up less room in your drybox than Kwik-Check's original one did, but the smaller dial is also harder to read.

These read up to 15 p.s.i. although they do not "hold" the pressure reading. In other words, once you pull it away from the valve, the needle drops back to zero. The overall length is a smidge over 4" with the adapter end cone in place. With some valves like the Leafield B-7, the end cone needs to be removed in order for the Kwik Check to depress the poppet button. These have a one year warranty, and work with most push-button one way valves (Halkey/HRC, Leafield, Summit, various Halkey Roberts knock-offs, and the new gray Innova valves). The one exception seems to be the older black Innova valves. If you have a pre-2010 Innova kayak, and you are using something other than a foot pump - which tend to be self limiting at about 3 p.s.i. - the best bet is our Nanometer. Nanometers need to go inline on the pump hose near the tip. The Kwik Check gauge works with military valves too. And in theory it will function with a Boston valve, but you need an adapter we don't carry for those. We do not sell any inflatables with Boston valves, which is why why don't sell that adapter.

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