Mastercraft Big Red 110 Volt Pump

Mastercraft Big Red 110 Volt Raft Pump
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Price: $275.00
Manufacturer: Mastercraft
Shipping Weight: 18.00 lbs



Made in USA. The Big Red Mastercraft Raft Pump is likely familiar to most boaters. The long term reliability of these pumps is nothing short of stunning. We have dropped these from six feet in our store and had merely to disassemble the unit partway (quite easy actually) and bend out part of the outer casing to get it back to perfect order. Our oldest Mastercraft is going on 20 years and still running strong, and we use the dickens out of it. The Big Red's put out about 60 cubic feet of air per minute at 1.75 p.s.i. This is a bit less than the specs say (75 c.f./minute & 2.0 p.s.i.) but a realistic figure based on our own tests, especially since any pump has to blow through a valve that is more restrictive than the Big Red's black rubber nozzle.

These draw 8.5 amps, which means they will pull far too much current to run through a standard automobile 12-to-110 converter. Stick with a minimum 15 amp outlet.

To ensure a long lifespan for your Mastercraft, avoid doing two things: One, don't whip it around from side to side while it is running. The motor is mounted in a thick neoprene foam sleeve, and fast violent motions can cause it's impeller to grind on the inside of the red metal housing, wearing it out on the edge. Second, do not tug hard so that the cord is being stressed where it enters the handle. The cords are replaceable, but the last time we had to do one it killed a full hour of time. Oh yeah... and don't drop it in the water!

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