Sierra Marine Ply Foot Pump, made in USA

Sierra Marine Ply Foot Pump, made in USA
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Price: $125.00
Shipping Weight: 7.00 lbs



Note: We have been out of these for quite a while, and still have no firm date as to when we will have more. Our local friend who builds these needs to do a couple dozen to make it worthwhile, and he has not had the spare time to do so recently. We will update this page when we know more.

Our very highest quality foot pump is the Sierra, which we've sold since 1985. At $125 it's no bargain, but for rafters who want something reliable to pack along, they don't get any beefier than this bad boy. 3/4" marine plywood bellow plates, 840 denier black hypalon bellows, stainless hinges, super strong spa hose, and hinge bolts that penetrate all the way through the plywood make this pump the toughest you can buy. At five pounds it is pretty heavy, so it may not be the best one for inflatable kayakers wanting to stow a pump behind the seat.

Avon, having been bought by Zodiac many years back, long ago quit making their wooden foot bellows pumps, and Cascade Outfitters likewise stopped making the Big Foot pump ages ago. So folks, this is the last of the Mohicans - the only remaining hand made foot pump, wooden or otherwise, in the world.

"Normal" footpumps, like this one, the Bravo II, 7M, and 8's won't put out more than maybe 2.8 or 3 p.s.i., so if you want to get your Lynx really firm either a Bravo top-off model or one of the hand pumps in this section might be better.

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