Raft Accessories

Raft Accessories

Raft footcones, cargo nets & floors, flip bags, camlock straps, raft covers for boats on trailers, lift handles, boat bags, and other handy whitewater river accessories are found below. We may add some of the goodies from the rescue page too, but for now those are under our Rivergear sections. The products here include those from Whitewater Designs, NRS, AIRE, Rocky Mountain, and other Boat People goodies we make here.

If you are looking for D-Rings, e-mail us with your needs so we can give you prices. There are a bit too many variations to list them all here, but we carry both pvc and hypalon D's in various colors and sizes. A few representative samples are below.

Updated March 2013

Removable Raft Lift Handle, each

Removable Lift Handles

One of our...

Removable Rafter's Lift Handle, set of four

Removable Lift Handles

One of our...

Thwart for Rocky Mountain Rafts, gray

All recent Rocky Mountain rafts over 12' come standard with three thwarts,...

PVC Footloops for Rafters

PVC Footloops

Footloops for rafts are available in PVC and rubber;...

Call for price
Economy Thwart Grab Loop, 1.5"

Economy Grabloops ($19 ea) attach around the circumference of a raft's...


How To: Install D-Rings and Footcups