Thwart Mounted Pump holding bag for rafts

Thwart Mounted Pump holding bag for rafts
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Price: $45.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs



AIRE has discontinued this rather handy item and though we have the capability of making them here at our place, we would have to charge at least double what these Chinese imports had cost. As of Spring 2019 wee have just a very few left, so if you want one get it now. The description follows-

The AIRE Pump Thwart Bag was made to hold a standard double-action "wonder" size hand pump along with a few other small goodies. It is 25" by 10" by 5", so you might be able to get a skinny full-size 4" barrel pump in here, but with the hose it will be tight.

The color shown above - light grey - will be replaced with a dark blue body this year. For now we still have some grays, but that may change before we replace the image.

The Thwart Pump Bag is about 2/3 pvc boat material and about 1/3 mesh along the top zippered side and the two narrow ends. In other words this is not a waterproof holder, but most people just strap these type of pumps to their thwart. The Pump Bag has two cam straps permanently stitched to the side that goes against the thwart, so you just secure it to the thwart and leave it, only opening the zipper to get at the contents. For the low price these are fairly handy. If you are worried about paddle droids in your raft planting their face on the pump during a sudden lurch, you can place a piece of old sleeping pad material in the Thwart Bag between the pump and the inside of the bag to pad it.

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