Raft Frames

Raft Frames

Whitewater and fly-fishing rowing frames are in this section, and oars are found in the "Oars & Paddles" headings. We don't stock many raft frames due to the hundreds of possible variations, and no cat frames at all, so if you are in a hurry please email or phone us first with your needs and location. After that we can determine whether we can get the product to you on time. Lead times can vary from a few days on some of the AIRE Frames up to 3 weeks for NRS frames. Please scroll down to the third paragraph for more information.

Fishing frames come in many configurations for both catarafts and regular rafts, more than we can cover here or include in the shopping cart system without it getting confusing. Normally any boat under 13' is very limited as to the type of fishing frame you can use, and it is almost never possible to accomodate two anglers plus the rower on anything shorter than that.

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AIRE Outcast Angler's Rowing Frame

AIRE's aluminum take-apart Fly Fishing frame is designed for the Super...

NRS Longhorn Day Frame for Rafts

Aluminum NRS Day Frame (four piece, no cooler slot): This frame is simply...

NRS Multi-Day Raft Rowing Frame, aluminum take-apart

The Multi-Day Aluminum frame is an eight piece units that holds both a...

NRS Overnight Raft Rowing Frame, aluminum take-apart

An Overnight Aluminum (six piece, holds one cooler or one drybox) has...

NRS Take-apart Aluminum Stern Frame for rafts

The aluminum Stern Frame (four piece) from NRS is available with either a...


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Take-apart frames are handy for portability, and having one may make the difference between getting your frame to a fly-in destination, or having a bush pilot sadly shake his head. The aluminum frames from NRS can also be adjusted on oarlock, footbar, and seat positions for different size people, and ordered in varying sizes for different widths of coolers and dryboxes. These frames are held together with either strong cast fittings that won't slip or clevis pins (on the steel frames from AIRE), and come with one padded low-back tractor seat or slant board unless otherwise noted. High-back seats may look comfy in the pictures, but they do not allow a natural body movement when rowing and can actually make your back very crampy. The seats for the front & rear angler on most fishing frames are a padded plastic body fold-down chair. These rarely survive a flip in rocky water but then again, even the metal seats can be damaged if a heavy raft is upside down.

Frame pricing and accessory discounts: We get quite a few requests for "package deals" on rafts or catarafts with frames. What buyers need to understand is that dealer discounts on most frames are very small and incoming freight fees (many cataraft frames are so large boxed up that they cannot come by UPS) are very high. Manufacturers simply have too much labor - or sometimes too much expensive metal - into the end product to build in larger margins for dealers. Most are 25 to 30% before the credit card fees that any retailer pays are figured in, and before incoming shipping costs are factored. This means the net profits are more like 8 to 15%, so it is not possible for us to extend the 10% accessory break on frames, or on dryboxes, which are also "freight intensive". We can get an extra 5% on some frames by pre-season ordering, but we are reluctant to do this since customer's needs and wants are so inconsistant, and because as mentioned at the top of the page, there are so many sizes. Please understand that frames are also difficult to quote accurately.

For many of you that live in the NorthWest part of the U.S. your best option on an NRS frame would be to buy direct from them even if you have to pay some sales tax. Many years back NRS was willing to drop-ship items on a limited basis, but they changed their minds and it does not make sense for us to have them ship it to California, and then for us to send it back northward to you again. Additionally, if there are any problems they can be cleared up with the source instead of through a dealer.

The summation of all this is that you need to be flexible when shopping for "packages", and understand that sometimes buying one item like a frame or drybox from a separate source may make sense. You will still receive a 10% discount on all other accessories with your boat, so there is some "package pricing" involved, just not one specific set of gear we are overstocked on & trying to ram down your gullet. Those great sounding package deals you sometimes see on Ebay almost always involve a glued pvc raft with a finite lifespan.

There are only a few representative photos in our frame section due to all the variables. Specify the size of your raft or cat and let us know what all you want to pack. Frames for big boats over 16' are sometimes subject to an upcharge; e-mail or call with your zip code for quotes and we will do our best to quote your needs. At the same time, large, heavy fishing and cat frames requiring multiple shipping boxes are almost impossible for us to accurately quote motor freight or UPS fees on ahead of time until we have the boxes in front of us - at which point you are commited to taking the gear. We know this is not an ideal situation from a buyer's point of view, but we do not mark up UPS or freight fees. It has also been our experience that NRS's order desk computers have some weight figures shown that are way off (on the low side), so we cannot base your shipping quote on what they tell us. It takes a lot of time to do these shipping quotes where we can, so we ask that you only request them on big items like frames & rafts if you are serious and ready to purchase, and understand we cannot do it in short order over the telephone.

Frames are generally not returnable. If an error has been made on our end or by the supplier, we will process any needed exchange or replacement for you.