8 Ounce Nalgene Polyethylene Bottle

8 Ounce Nalgene Polyethylene Bottle
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Price: $2.50
Manufacturer: Nalgene
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs



Nalgene containers are really the only sensible way to carry glue in a patch kit and a good way to UPS glue to you as well. If you use metal cans all too often the glue pukes out the lid, turning everything inside your kit into a gooey nasty mess. This is especially likely if you change elevations dramatically on your way to the river. 8 ounce Nalgenes are $2.50. We have a $25 minimum shipment so please keep that in mind.

Note: Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever take boat repair adhesives on a jet - even in a Nalgene bottle. The minimum fine for getting caught is $2,500 in the States, and it's an exceeding bad idea in the first place. Flammable liquids have no business on planes, and any glue in a metal paint-style will pop it's lid every time in an unpressurized compartment.

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