Aquaseal 2-part with Cotol Accelerator

Aquaseal 2-part with Cotol Accelerator
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Price: $11.50
Manufacturer: Aquaseal
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs



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If you could only have one item in your patch kit, it would have to be Aquaseal. This urethane based repair product sticks to just about anything including almost every type of boat imaginable, so it is good for far more than just fixing wetsuits. Additionally, when it drys it is much stronger and more abrasion resistant than any raft material.

Here are a few things we've successfully used it for: repairing small air tube rips up to 1/4" long and floor rips up to 1/2", coating abraded areas on the undersides of boats, as a "seam sealer" on paddle jackets, to repair and replace cuffs on drysuits, in place of regular contact-type glues for patching, filling in cracks on raft valve boots, repairing broken river sandals, fixing small rips on lifejackets (it sticks to nylon too), mixing with fiberglass pigments to make touch-up paint for encapsulated Maravia boats, and even to make piston cups for barrel pumps.

The 2-part Aquaseal with Cotol accelerator sets up in one hour instead of 12 - 24 hours. This is a very important item for every Wing, Maravia, or lexatron Sotar owner to have in their repair kit. These boats are quite difficult to repair with conventional urethane based glues, especially out on the river. Yet with 2-part Aquaseal even a five year old can do it. Just put a layer (approx. 1/16th to 1/20th of an inch thick) on either the patch or ripped area of the boat, lay the patch down with some weights, and let it dry for an hour. Since some Aquaseal will ooze out the patch edges you should put a piece of waxed paper or a plastic grocery bag in between so the weights won't stick to the boat. It would likely take an hour to properly fix one of these boats with regular glue anyway, even if you are successful. We had to adhere six huge zipper patches to a Sotar raft a few years back, and we tried the best pvc glue we could get our hands on, as well as our hand welder, and the Aquaseal was the only thing that really worked. We cannot say enough good about this product or about how underrated it is. Take a small bottle for mixing the two parts, and a popsicle stick. An old vitamin or aspirin bottle works well, and these bottles are chemically resistant. $11.50

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