Clifton 2-Part PVC/Urthane Glue for pvc boats, 16 ounce

Clifton 2-Part PVC/Urthane Glue for pvc boats, 32 ounce
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Price: $39.00
Manufacturer: Clifton
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs



Clifton's Two-Part Adhesive is meant to be used with either heat or m.e.k. re-activation (instead of simply slapping the two halves together after five or six minutes). "Reactivating" simply means that after the second thin coat of glue has dried sufficiently - like ten to fifteen minutes - you wipe both surfaces with a rag wet with m.e.k. to re-activate, or put the two surfaces together and then apply heat from a very hot hair dryer or heat gun while applying pressure with a rolling tool. When trying to simply slap the two surfaces together after five or six minutes without using re-activation, we've had wildly inconsistent results. We mention "the second thin coat" because most glues work best if you apply one thing coat to both surfaces, let that dry an hour or so, and the go back and put a second coat on both surfaces. Just as with painting, two thin coats usually works better than one thick coat. In 16 oz. with catalyst.

note- If you own a "lexatron" Sotar, Wing, or urethane "encapsulated" Maravia boat, regular pvc glues like the Stabond, Bostic, Clifton, and others, are tricky to use. Check out the two-part Aquaseal found in this section.

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