Leafield Replacement Valves, B-7 and C-7

Leafield Replacement Valves, B-7 and C-7
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Price: $29.00
Manufacturer: Leafield Valves
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs



Leafield C-7 replacement valve OR B-7 valve - please specify; the B-7 is on the right in the photo, and the C-7 is the top-center valve. $29 for either; please specify in the order notes which one you want.

B-7's have the big obtrusive mushroom shaped cap. Please understand that the actual B-7 valve itself is INSIDE the boat, unlike the C-7. In order to change out a B-7, you need to cut a 3" slit in the bladder (if it's an AIRE boat) or in the actual hull if it is any other brand. And of course you will need to repair that cut after the new valve is placed inside. Please be clear on this before you order.

There is also a rebuild kit for the B-7 Leafield valve. We have used a couple of them and we were successful both times, but you do need a very good pair of needle nose pliers, and a modicum of dexterity. We usually have the rebuild kits ($13) here, but we don't have them listed on the shopping cart. Bearing in mind that we have a $25 minimum order, if you want a rebuild kit call us on the phone. If memory serves, there is an instructional video somewhere in AIRE's website support area that shows one of the B-7 valves being rebuilt.

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