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Rocky Mountain RTD-48 River Tube

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Price: $199.00
Manufacturer: RMR rafts
Shipping Weight: 18.00 lbs


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The Rocky Mountain RTD-48 Tapered River Tube. This listing is for the 48” diameter with tubes that diminish on one end – see below for details.

Rocky Mountain Rafts has come out with two sizes & two styles of river float tubes this year. We haven’t settled on which colors to stock yet, but blue and lime are the likely choices. These tubes feature the strong RMR fabric and high end Leafield D-7 valves. They have two handles like all tubes, and a beefy self draining floor. Although early images show a small D-ring on each tube, Rocky has not settled on whether to have this yet. Connecting tubes together or towing other items on a cord can create hazards on rocky streams, or those with mid-river trees.

The two sizes are 44” diameter and 48”. To this point in time the only other quality 48” has been the NRS Big River tube, which is a bladderized model with a nylon fabric upper section. The RMR tubes use no bladders, which means the drying time will be faster with no chance of mildew.

As mentioned above there are also two styles of RMR river tubes. The standard version is known as the RTR series, with the tube diameter the same all around, just as with every other brand. But for ten dollars more, they are also producing an RTD model in 44” and 48”, with the “D” standing for Diminishing. The tube is smaller on one side, which allows a lower and more natural position for your legs. Depending on diameter and style, the Rocky tubes run from $169 to $199, making them not only competitive with other tube makers, but arguably a better value than any brand.

If you are picky about colors, please call or email us before placing a shopping cart order so we can see what we have in the size and style you want.

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