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All-Line Snakebraid 3/8" Floating Rope

All-Line Snakebraid 3/8" Floating Rope
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The makers of Spectra Line also produce 3/8" Snakebraid Floating (46 cents per foot) rope with a yellow/red diagonal pattern. Since it is made from polypro fibers it should not be used under high stress - like unwrapping big rafts from rocks - but it does have a hard enough finish to use with pulleys in less critical applications. Snakebraid does have a surprisingly high tensile strength of 1800 lbs and we have hoisted loaded oar rafts 90 feet up on a boom using this product at the Tuolumne take-out in the Sierras. We have a $25 minimum order for shipments, and a minimum cut length for ropes of 20 feet.

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