AIRE Sealed Floor Pocket option for rafts

AIRE Sealed Floor Pocket option for rafts
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Price: $459.00
Manufacturer: AIRE
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs



The optional Sealed Floor Pocket, available for any American made AIRE self bailing raft, runs $459 extra for any size boat. Add this item to the shopping cart if you want your raft made with one, or better yet, forego the shopping cart altogether and call us to check on lead time. If it's going to take an extra month or two, we don't want you unhappy with the wait. Better to check before forking over your credit card number. Dealer's do not stock Sealed Floor Pocket (a.k.a. "SFP") rafts unless they just happen to have brought one home from a trade show AIRE was attending.

We've discussed the SFP's on other raft pages, but in case you haven't read those sections this floor option might be handy if you continuously run a lot of dirty, sediment bearing rivers with few clean river trips in between. The standard zippers found on the normal AIRE floor pockets let silt go through, though they generally block larger particles. Frequent use on turbid streams can load up the normal floor pocket with many pounds of silt. If you alternate the more silty rivers with clean ones, the floors will flush out.

This floor pocket, or envelope as we sometimes call it, is the gray pvc enclosure wherein sits the actual air holding floor bladder. The floor bladder itself does not change if you get an SFP version. What does change are the zippers. On an SFP, these zippers are the type used on drysuits. They not only keep the water out, a drysuit zipper even holds air pressure. These zippers are also mighty expensive, and the machines that create them for the most part are not set up to do lengths over a few feet. Why is this detail important? On the standard non-sealed AIRE floor pockets, the access zipper runs all the way around the perimeter - up to 26 feet on the big rafts. And it is very easy to remove and replace the floor bladder should you ever need to. This most often comes into play if the pressure relief valve gets leaky. On the sealed floor pockets, it is still pretty easy to get the bladders out, but getting them back in is quite a bit more difficult with only two small zippers to push & pull through. So just be aware of this, and also understand that a drysuit zipper will not last as long as the standard zipper.

One last comment about this option: the bigger the AIRE raft, the more sense it may make. But for small rafts like the Puma, 130E, and Superpuma, it's really a waste of money. Also note that this option is not available on the imported Tributary rafts.

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