RMR PK-130 Peak Raft 13 Feet
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Price: $3,199.00
Manufacturer: RMR
Shipping Weight: Free Shipping



RMR PK-135 Peak Raft 13.5 Feet is Outfitter Quality
  • 44 oz, Welded PVC main tubes, 2000 denier, 66 oz floor
  • 72" Wide / Maximum 4 thwarts (3 thwarts included)
  • Symmetrical, seven panel bow and stern; 29” rise
  • 19.5” Straight tube section diminishing to 16.5”
  • Front foot cups standard
  • Glued in I Beam Floor

RMR PK-135 Peak Raft 13'6" Feet Long

This boat (and its 16' big brother) was allegedly designed around commercial needs for paddle outfitters, but it offers a very reasonably priced alternative to the "D" series AIRE 13' and 14'. It comes standard with three thwarts for less than 2/3 the AIRE 130D cost, and has slightly more bow and stern rise. The main tubes taper 3" from 19.5" to 16.5 at both ends.

The six foot width sets it into the paddle raft category moreso than oar rig territory, but this size would also be perfect for anglers utilizing a SuperPuma style fishing frame with the thwarts removed. The Peak 13.5 is still $400 above RMR's other 13' model, but it is a bit longer and there is more labor involved in building the diminishing tubes.

We do not really have any feedback yet on either size of Peak raft, so if you own one we would love to hear your impression. Color selection on this model tends to be slightly more limited than on some of RMR's other raft, so call or email us to check stock.

This model does have to be delivered via motor freight as it is too big for UPS, and to qualify for the free shipping it needs to go to a commercial address (or you pay the difference between that and residential delivery, which can be substantial). You can also pick it up at the nearest depot, but we don't want anyone having to drive a hundred miles so we would check out the logistics first.

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