Incept Sally Inflatable River Kayak

Incept Sally Inflatable River Kayak
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Price: $2,799.00
Manufacturer: Incept
Shipping Weight: 40.00 lbs



The Incept Sally inflatable kayak, also known as the Incept Explore, is a completely enclosed inflatable for river runners. It can allegedly be rolled (we have no personal experience with this model at all, sorry) by those with a solid technique, and features thigh straps and foot braces to help you achieve that goal. The large cockpit opening requires an XL-size skirt (included), but it also prevents you from being entrapped as you might in something like the Innova Traveler - a model we do not recommend for whitewater anyway. It's best to try to get some opinions from those few out there in the chat rooms who have paddled one, either at boatertalk or mountainbuzz.

Due to a very strong exchange rate in the Kiwi monetary unit, and a continuing weak U.S. dollar, for the time being the pricing on all Incept products is.... well, in a word, insane. We will not be stocking these for the time being since no one will pay $2,800 for a solo inflatable kayak - no matter how cool it may be. If and when exchange rates turn more favorable for folks State-side, we might start stocking them. For now, the Sally, and the Incept Pacific sea kayak model, will be special order only. At this time, we are keeping the Sally here more as an informational listing rather than as a real shopping cart item.

There are basically two main groups of whitewater paddlers for whom this kayak might make sense. The first would be hardshellers who want a boat that can be rolled up small and carried to remote put-ins. The second and less likely group will be those very coordinated inflatable kayakers who want something high performance and who don't mind a lengthy learning curve - essentially the same people who might have been comfortable with one of the pre-2010 standard AIRE Force's. The extremely narrow width of the Sally is only mitigated partly by the 3" thick floor being mounted so low in the boat that your butt is below water level (unless you are very petite that is), keeping the center of gravity way down. Even so, and even without having paddled one, we'll have to assume this will join the Innova Safari in the top three most tippy boats category. We've noticed the few people claiming otherwise are all hardshell boaters. One thing that should make this a much better kayak for steep runs is the rockered bow, something the dead flat pre-2010 AIRE Force lacked. The Forces were tough to pivot in the middle of foamy chutes, and big diagonals coming from both sides always played hell with the old Force.

The Sally's cockpit rim is flexible so it rolls up with the boat. There is an extra partial section of inflatable tube right under the left & right side of this rim, lifting it upward and allowing you more space. This also helps de-stabilize the boat when it is upside down, theoretically making it easier to roll. This is a standard three chamber boat, plus the inflatable backrest. The side chambers can be blown up close to 4 p.s.i., which provides the rigidity you will need to make the Sally perform properly. You won't get over 3 p.s.i. in the floor due to the pressure relief valve, and the backrest is not supposed to be firmed up too much above 1 p.s.i. or it will hurt your spine. The tip to tip length is 9'10", and the width is a very narrow 27". The tube diameter is 9" near the cockpit and the weight is 29 pounds. Yellow seems to be the main color, and whether red will be an option we don't yet know.

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