Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak

Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak
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Price: $699.00
Manufacturer: Innova
Shipping Weight: 34.00 lbs



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The revamped Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak has been stretched out 8" and comes with a nice Drybag / carry bag. The weight capacity has also increased about 25 pounds with the longer length.

Are you a hardshell kayaker looking for something packable? Perhaps a person with a good whitewater brace and no fear of swimming rapids? Looking for a fast ocean boat? If so the Innova Safari inflatable kayak may be your ticket. The Safari side tubes have an I-beam in their center section, creating a partial double-tube and a slightly rounded bottom for improved speed. The Safari is narrower than any other boat in our Solo River Ik section at only 28", and quite tippy too in whitewater (it's fine for ocean and touring use), so it wouldn't be a great beginner's boat if you insist on starting with class III or IV rivers. Skip down a paragraph for more detail on this subject.

Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak can be Rolled

Along with Innova's Traveler and Incept's Sally, this is one of three inflatable kayaks that can be rolled if you possess this skill, though strapping in float bags is almost mandatory if you want to try. If you are willing to work your way up the difficulty scale slowly the Safari will yield hardshell performance without hardshell entrapment hazards. It comes standard with factory thighstraps and an adjustable inflatable footbrace. The Safari is far less ziggy-zaggy on flat water than the Force or Sally since it has a tracking fin that you can attach.

On the subject of stability, or lack thereof, as mentioned above the Safari's are pretty bad in the rapids. Understand that you are now in the Solo River IK part of our site, not the Touring IK page. A question we get asked time and again is "just exactly how tippy are they?". The answer is that since you are sitting much higher than in a hardshell river kayak, and because the bottom is quite rounded, a Safari will be too unstable for many paddlers to handle in whitewater. It is less stable than some hardshell river kayaks. If, however, you plan to use yours for lakes, bays, ocean, and mild river use you shouldn't have to worry much. Safari's also surf well on ocean waves, and most surfers should be comfortable with the idea of dumping from time to time, so again the tippiness should not be an issue for this usage.

The seat is a blend of an upper pillow and the Solar 410c (found in the Touring inflatable kayak area) kayak's buttrest. It's reasonably supportive though not overly tall. The total weight is a mighty hikeable 27.5 lbs and the rolled size is the smallest of any solo whitewater inflatable kayak. It is also one of the lightest solo models.

Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak Amenities

The Safari comes with an Innova shoulder strap drybag, repair kit, unpadded thighstraps, and the tracking fin. The nitrylon fabric is extremely strong and stiff, and though the exterior nitryl coating may not have quite the UV resistance of hypalon it's still very durable and will last 20 to 25 years with a little care. This exact same weight of material is also used for large river rafts at the Czech Republic factory where Innovas are made. The Safari is definitely one of the least expensive quality i.k.'s made. Recommended for paddlers under 240 pounds, expect a small amount of water around your butt (you can tape over the bail holes for flat water use) if you are above 210 -220 pounds. Two-year warranty on air-holding seams and material (does not cover I-beams blown due to over-inflation).

Accessory Discount with Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak

Please note that any accessories purchased with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts - it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through. If for any reason we manage to forget, we will enclose a refund check for the difference inside the box with your receipt.

*Free shipping is UPS ground only, to lower-48 State destinations. If you are elsewhere and can have the boat sent by UPS, we will extend a $35 credit for shipping, but this will not apply to postal deliveries. Our shopping cart will still try to charge for UPS but we will deduct it before capturing your credit card funds.

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