Innova SeaWave two or three person inflatable

Innova Seawave inflatable kayak
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Price: $999.00
Manufacturer: Innova
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The Innova Seawave finally entered the U.S. market last year, though it has been available for a while in Europe. We have had a ton of inquiries about this model, so we are glad we can finally offer it – and at a very reasonable price too. The Seawave is 14’9”, so it should be a good replacement for our discontinued 15’ Trinity USA kayak. The center seating position is mainly intended for a smaller person. Paddling with three tall adults would probably require at least another full foot of hull length.

For solo paddling, you remove one seat and rearrange it. For trio use, you can purchase an extra seat.

This kayak has two optional sprayskirt decks available, a solo one-cockpit version, and a tandem deck with two openings. You can use the decks without sprayskirts, but if you choose to get those as well, they are held in place by a loop of polyethylene flexible tubing that runs around the cockpit perimeter(s). One caveat here: if you make a boat sprayskirt friendly, that means the backrests on the seats cannot be as high as some folks would like. I.E. they are not as tall or comfortable as those on the Solar.

We will be posting the decks on the Kayak Accessory page soon but be warned they are quite pricey.

The Seawave has a beam of 32” and an interior that is about 14” across. Innova was giving the weight for this model at 29 pounds, which is definitely wrong. With both seats and no skirts, it’s right around 40. There are grab lines around the outside of the hull, and like the Solar and Safari this kayak comes with Innovas’ drybag / carry bag plus the removable skeg.

The Seawave will hold up to 550 pounds, though 450 to 475 will certainly yield better paddling speeds. And a note on that- although this model is longer than the Solar, it really does not go any faster. We mentioned in the top paragraph about this being a good substitute for our 15’ long Trinity USA, which we had to stop making because of crazy high prices increases, and it is a good substitute as far as capacity. In terms of hull speed though, the Seawave is slower than the AIRE Tributary Sawtooth because of differences in floor design. 3.6 to 3.7 mph is what you are looking at with two competent paddlers, roughly the same as the Innova Solar model. That said, the best performance will be derived by making sure you have the side tubes fully inflated. For reasons we don’t yet fully understand the manufacturer says to put 3.7 p.s.i. in them instead of the normal 3.0 like most Innovas. This will reduce bowing under the weight of larger paddlers.

Standard color is red & gray.

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