Innova Solar 410 Tandem Touring Kayak

Innova Solar 410 Tandem Touring Kayak
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Sale Price: $647.00
Compared at: $759.00
You Save: $112.00
Manufacturer: Innova
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The Tandem Innova Solar 410c inflatable kayak from Gumotex is now the standard go-to heavy duty EX model from Innova, with both the Helios II and Sunny being phased out. The retail price has dropped by more than a third, which is huge. This very high quality 20+ year lifespan kayak is now cheaper or the same as some of the clunky three layer Chinese imports, all of which weigh more and take forever to fully clean and dry compared to the Innovas. The last time we were able to sell Solars at this price range was over a decade ago.

Updated - Innova Solar 410 Tandem Touring Kayak

Additionally, there is a third rear seat now included, though this position is spaced such that it is mainly for smaller kids. Beyond that, the design remains identical to what we have been selling all along.

To use the tandem Solar 410c solo, you just move the rear seat forward and either leave the front seat deflated, or un-strap and remove it. There is a little footrest you can put in place of the front seat. This rear seat also has two "normal" possible positions when in tandem use, about 8" apart, or in other words, a total of three possible placements.

At 13'5", Solars are 9" longer than the discontinued Sunny, and a full foot longer than the Innova Helios tandem had been. The extra length has several benefits.First, while the Solar is still not quite as big as the AIRE SuperLynx, it is big enough that two moderate-height people can actually do an overnighter with their camp gear. In the Sunny, it was almost impossible, and with the Helios, almost entirely out of the question. Second, adding length to the wide part of the kayak increases the payload capacity by about 40 pounds over what the Sunny could hold. The third benefit of the longer hull comes into play where the front paddler is a bit taller. With the Sunny and Helios tandems, a six-footer is pretty cramped in the front position. In fact, in the Sunny, the bow was tight even for someone 5’8”. The extra space in the Solar 410 allows that person to stretch out comfortably.

Solars come with a drybag/carry bag, a basic patch kit, a twist-in valve adapter, inflatable footrests, and a removable tracking fin. The seat (and footrest) valves are twist style kayak float bag units. These allow you to more easily inflate the seats tight compared to the old Innova hole & plug system. The seats on the Solar 410 may not be perfect, but they are as good and as tall as factory seats get, and if you don't like them you won't like any kayak seat. The problem is that many people try to inflate them using only their mouth, because the twisty valves look like that’s what you are supposed to do. Not! You should always try to get a Bravo brand pump with Innova boats. The main plastic pump hose tip on all Bravos fits over the outside of the twisty valve, and you keep pumping until your seats get really firm, then still keep pumping with the hose tip over the valve as you turn it closed. This way you lose no air, and get the seats to pretty much the same pressure as the main chambers.

Specs for Innova Solar 410 Tandem Touring Kayak

The 410 weighs 36 pounds and is 32.5" wide, with 9" tubes. There is a small bungie & mesh area behind the rear seat but you cannot put much under it. We do stock grey hypalon D-rings if you need some (please call for those) for additional tie-down points. If you wish to tow this kayak, you should also plan on purchasing one large D-ring to glue on the underside of the bow. Under no circumstances should you ever try to use the small bow grommets or lift handles for this purpose.

The twist-in valve adapter mentioned three paragraphs above also works right with any Bravo foot or hand pump. It is not needed if you use something like a K-Pump, or one of our Boat People Top-Off units. However there are problems with the K-Pumps and our Top-Off's with regard to Innovas. For one thing, the small diameters of them can generate far more than the 3 p.s.i. inflation level the Innovas are rated for. And second, they won't work for the seat & footrest valves either. So better to go with a quality foot pump in most cases.

Sale price is for red only with the "two-seat" attachment system. There has been a very slight change to the seat D-ring configuration that allows for a third child's seat in back, but it is so cramped that kids are still better off in front of the rear paddler.

Specifications Solar 410 C

410 cm
80 cm
Weight 17 kg
Max. load 270 kg
Material Nitrilon®
Number of persons 2 + 1 with option
Side tube diameter 22 cm
Air chambers 3 + 2 + 2
Packed dimensions
54 × 39 × 24 cm
Max. Betriebsdruck (MPa / Bar / PSI) MPa 0,02 / Bar 0,2 /PSI 3,0
Cardboard box dimensions 55 × 40 × 25 cm

Solar 410 C Features / Accessories

  • Safety ropes on the bow and stern
  • Grab handles for portaging on the foredeck and afterdeck
  • Comfortable seats with high backrests
  • Adjustable footrest in front and in the back (for conversion to a single kayak)
  • Elastic netting for fixing the baggage
  • Twist valves
  • Push-push valves
  • Safety relief valve
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Transport drybag 70 Liters
  • 2 inflatable seats are included in the boat equipment

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Reviewed by seymour1954
04/04/2014 - 12:20:06 PM
Go anywhere boat
I bought a Solar 410 from Lee last year. Since then it has been put into the Hudson outside Manhattan and in rivers and off the beaches in southern Maine. My other boat is a Long Haul Mark II, for comparison. First of all the service and advice from Lee was fabulous, it is a real pleasure to deal with such pleasant professionals. The boat itself is light, weasy to carry folded or inflated, simple and well designed - just blow it up and launch, no bells or whistles or complicated atachments, all very straightforward. The whole operation, using a foot pump only (I could not figure out how to use the little electric pump Lee sent with it so cannot tell you about that), takes about 10 minutes total. Compare this to the amazingly seaworthy Long Haul, which weighs about 90 pounds and takes an average of 30 minutes to set up, by which time this 60-year old man is tired enough that the prospect of hauling it to the water is exhausting, only to be made up for by the wonderful safe and steady feeling you have once on the water. And when you are done you have to dry it for days. and days. and days.
But that is for Polar expeditions or maybe the Maine Island Trail. The Solar is for day trips, overnighters on any lake or semi protected water and daily fun, without any hassle at all. I lust for a Boat People Trinity II, but that sleeved bladder construction is just not practical when you keep the boat in your closet in a Manhattan apartment - takes too long to dry out. The Solar? wipe it off, deflate it and stick it back in the closet until next time.
I have only used it for day trips (so far), both tandem and solo. I plan to take it overnight camping in Maine and the Adirondacks, but have not done it yet. I have to say that kayaking tandem has been flawless. the boat in tandem is well balanced, quick, easy to maneuver and very roomy (my wife is 5'4" and I am 6'2" 210 pounds) with no "squishy", pool toy feeling. The boat is very firm. The one time I took it solo, which was to surf some breakers and which of course is NOT what this boat is designed to do, I found that it "taco'ed" pretty easily and a lot of water shipped at my waist line. I suspect that the cold water meeting the warm air in the tubes did not help (partially deflated it), or that I did not fill it tight enough in the first place (I was in a hurry to hit the water!), but it did bend at the middle a bit. Nevertheless I never felt out of control or that the boat was unsafe. Gave me a chance to test the bilge pump I bought, which worked to bail it out completely from swamped in about 3-4 minutes of pumping. It is a very comfortable boat - I can see myself falling asleep in it floating on a slow river - try that in a hardshell! The seats are OK comfortable, infinitely packable and easy to inflate, good enough back support but I am not sure I would spend more than 3-4 hours in one before my back might start to feel it. But I have the feeling I could take this boat just about anywhere . I look forward to it. Thank you Boat People and Innova!