Innova Twist II-N Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Twist II double tandem inflatable kayak
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Price: $519.00
Manufacturer: Innova
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There have been some nice changes to the Innova Twist models recently. Along with removable seats, the tandems’ length has increased 6” to 7” and the retail price has dropped a bit. Innova now brings these in made with a material that has some nitryl coating on the exterior, as opposed to the bare nylon fabric they had for the previous nine years. This coating lets the boats dry faster, and allows for easier clean-up. This new “Nitrylon lite” fabric does add a tiny bit of weight, though among the better quality tandems the Twist II remains the lightest kayak you can buy. We still recommend that you refrain from paddling these models up onto rocky shores repeatedly, because this can abrade the underside and these do not have as much coating as the Seawave, Solar, Safari, or Halibut kayaks.

Along with its 24 pound weight, no tandem inflatable kayak packs smaller than the Twist II double, so this works perfect for air travel, backpacking, or even in a bicycle trailer or for motorcyclists. And just how small is the packed size of the Twist II Kayak? A mere 1-1/4 cubic feet (9" X 13" X 18"). As we said, nothing else comes close.

Despite the somewhat short 11'9" hull the tandem Twist if very well laid out. It holds two tall adults without a problem. The rear seat is so far back compared to the other, longer Innovas that there is leg room even for a person up to 6'6". This boat can hold 400 pounds, but it is better with 350. The Twists feature grab loops at the bow & stern, and a stepped foot rest for the bow paddler. These footrests do not hold air for extended periods, but can be firmed up with a single puff from any foot or hand pump.

The camouflage pattern is no longer available since it was a base fabric color, not a coating color. The old boats were bare fabric on the exterior as mentioned above, but now they are coated with nitryl rubber. The new colors are either red or bright green, with gray interiors. These do not come with the fancy shoulder-pack drybag like the more expensive Innovas, just a canvas stow pouch, but the removable tracking fin & patch kit are included.

Please note that any accessories purchased with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts - it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through.

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