Innova Vagabond Tandem Inflatable Canoe

Innova Vagabond inflatable canoe
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Price: $899.00
Manufacturer: Innova
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Innova has brought back the Vagabond canoe style model in limited quantities. Do not try to order one off our cart before checking stock, because these are about a 50-50 proposition on availability and few if any dealers will be stocking them. This model had sold for $1,199 the last time Innova carried it, but it has decreased in price to just three quarters what it had been – now only $899. A model made like this in the U.S., or even from a non domestic builder using any rubber fabric, would be close to $2K.

The photo we just posted is an early incarnation and very low resolution. The Vagabond does not have inflatable dodgers now, and the current color is green and gray two tone. We will swap it out with a correct image soon.

The Vagabond was designed to be paddled from either a sitting or a kneeling position. At 38”, it is no wider than most tandem whitewater inflatable kayaks, so it can also be paddled sitting directly on the floor with kayak paddles if you wish. There are no backrests or kayak seats with this model though, so you would have to come up with something if you wish to paddle this way. There are two slightly padded bench seats packed with the boat, which lace into pairs of grommet strips along the hull.

With no wind and two good paddlers the Vagabond will make about a walking speed. It was built more around the idea of gear transport rather than covering great distances. The payload capacity is about 500 pounds, but being a non-self bailing model, that figure is not absolute. If you are willing to go pretty slow you can add another 100 pounds, as long as it is spread around evenly.

Vagabonds are 12’5” long, and assuming nothing has changed this year the tube diameter had been 12.5”, so that leaves the inside width at 13”. There are fairly big bow & stern bras and we try to carry 4” gray rubber D-rings if you wish to add attachment points for tying down gear. Note that this canoe-kayak does NOT come with a tracking fin, or a patch to mount one. Of the few people we have sold these to over the last 15 years, no one has complained about the tracking. 38 pounds, not including the weight of the waterproof carry bag that comes with the Vagabond.

Free UPS to the lower 48. Any accessories needed are at 10% discount.

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